Maplestory Mercedes 16x Gameplay

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Just a little vid of me doing the TT quest, Showing what mercedes can really do. If you’re wondering about my stats, I have a total of 114% dex from all my equipment. All copyrights reserved to Nexon .


Scynet Sama says:

Sorry man. I don't even play maplestory now, been busy and what not. I heard theres been a rollback too? Yeah im good.

Gabriel Blomkvist says:

Gear video pls

Scynet Sama says:

Try downloading the latest version of it.
Mines came like that.

blackmarco100 says:

how did you record in hd with bandicam??

Small Awel says:

Wow nice vid and you r too.funded im lv 166 and my dmg is lower than u

BrianOwnzYoux says:

Light weight funding xD, Your damage is still pretty nice John. ^^

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