Maplestory Mercedes 5th Job Gameplay- RyanReacts

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We got Mercedes,Aran and Phantom out of the way! We are almost done with the Maple Legends!

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Christian Martina says:

Hey man nice video! what are your thoughts on buying mesos on meso sites?

Tan ZH says:

yea man all the classes with lines are losing to pure burst damage classes hmmm not to insult your video just to correct u statement with facts and evidence                                           DPM ratio
1) Evan                              177.65%  AND 174.31%    [dive earth/swift build]  AND [ thunder/swift build]
2) kinesis                          161.60%
3) shadower                     158.48% 
     Aran                              156.95%  [ full adrenaline ]
     DA                                 152.14%  [ pure hp / nether shield build ]
9) Marksman                    145.54%
14) Dawn warrior             138.06%
17) wildhunter                  133.08%
18) Nightwalker                132.80%
19) Mercedes                    131.27%
21) DUal blade                   128.56%
29) nightlord                       120.75%
30) cannoneer                      119.93%

Boobie Black says:

Can you do corsair

jr colbert says:

buccaneer !!!

Mvde says:

do a blaze wizzard vid

daniel kim says:

Evan please

Teech says:

thunder breaker looks like the most fun 5th mobbing

Kill Me says:

React to Zero 5th job

Jesse Jc says:

no video for today?

Diego Menéndez says:

buccaneer and corsair plz

leleleul says:

you should do Bowmaster

Lil says:

Let's see that Wind Archer my man

CionSAGA says:

Corsair next please!

Daniël Zondervan says:

kinda boring compared to some other classes. you can clearly see in which ones nexon put more effort

Yato God of Calamity says:

bucc please

Lord Justice says:

Should put each classes rank on dpm chart in the vid description.

SmartBored says:

Anyone else more interested in the profile pic of the video at the start? 😉

Raferum says:

Shoooow me the Pally!

alumpyrock says:

corsair please 🙂

CeciN'est PasUnePipe says:

that lowkey pokemon hype tho

monda111111 says:

please please please do kanna next 😀

GboniccsTriccs says:

WE WANT MORE PIRATES [idc which one you can choose]

GboniccsTriccs says:

Wind Archer and Thunder Breaker pls

Kevin Luong says:


RedReboot says:

Jetty next pls

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