Maplestory Mercedes gameplay with 5th job main skill(메르세데스 5차스킬 사냥)

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James Tay says:

i play mer too… my hands are exhausted…..

AllGoodsGee says:

Do you have +1 attack speed inner ability?

alluville says:

What is that thing you use to jump up so high after Aerial Barrage?

mykofalco says:

may I ask what is your damage range?

一样 QQ says:

HI,i like to play mercedes, can you teach me how to max my dmg? my att +buff reach 80k but still low

Nico Nico Kagura ACL says:

can you do a equipment video on your mercedes ?^^ kamshahamida !

Peli on Pelattu says:

i see some of your skills that were previously blue are now red/green. wich patch had this change?

Anthony Awesome says:

Where is this spot at?

emile savedra says:

so perfect 😀

Karl McBride says:

How is that even possible? insane control

Bunii says:

Your control with that class is insane

Anvar says:

Wild Hunter pls

LeeGoGo says:

I just imagine the button smashing while doing this XD

papsi WZ says:

@Yuki can u pls picture me your keyborad Settings and send me a link ?

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