MapleStory – New Nova Thief Class Opinion Strengths and Weaknesses

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태연 says:

Why maplesea doesn't have this class

Greggorios says:

Are you using the claw or Dagger?

OwGash says:

MS sure changed

Jason Rodriguez says:

When is she coming to gms

Camo Regrow Red says:

Actually no, you smash your keyboard when playing zero.

Nerdy Deku Scrub says:

What class are you playing? I'm not talking about cadena. I'm talking about the one you were playing in the beginning of the video.

Brakeable100 says:

Will the Cadena class come to GMS/EMS?
And when…?

TheWryCry says:

Your 43k Subs annoyed me so I fixed it now you got 43.001!

haadiy rahim says:

I'd like to see a new innovation for cleric class…. like battle mage as a combat mage but battle cleric xD possible?

skywise8 says:

looks like it's going to be a link mule for me if it can't boss

Gajeel RedFox says:

So can someone tell me what'
s the point of playing Maplestory anymore? It's rather empty and dead for years, the classes are getting rediculously broken, the end game rewards are lame, maxing takes weeks… nobody does pq's anymore, ran with gold farmers etc

Why says:

Why does this have to be 6 months away….and WHY is Nexon ruining the thief class? This class looks fun but the skills don't even make it look like a thief looks like either a magician or a warrior

Dat Dang says:

Why can't we have a dual gun class? I hate dual bow guns.

Dante Rivera says:

So Zero re-skinned? So much originality in the Nexon development team.

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