MapleStory NEW Pirate Class: Ark (First Impressions & Gameplay Footage)

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A Pirate done RIGHT

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Suspicious White Man says:

Avatar Ark!? Fire, water, earth & air (?)

LXDnQuestCrew says:

you hated…shade?? T.T . thats my main. IF ark is fun/not bad after rebalance i might switch. but i love playing shade & tb. just wish my bind & split on my shade lasted longer

Dark Problems says:

monk class?

CoCoEarMuffs says:

this is basically shade with ACTuAL COMBOS THAT AMAZING

Matty says:

What exactly do you like so much about it? It looks kind of like Cadena (heavy movement with skills / relatively short CDs) but much clunkier.

Krad eily says:

(Stares at my own bucc&TB) welp! guess ill save up for so PSoK's XD

Le Haru says:

So you mean he's basically.. Ark the last airbender?

레이v 데벤져 says:


Jinoto says:

Random question but do you think funding and maining an illium is worth it or should I go kanna?

Caab Sow says:

I'm fairly new to your channel and I would like to know, do you speak or read korean by any chance?

Disparity Sun says:

Rip archers

シドラ・エレイシ says:

Doesn't really look like my style in terms of the visual design of the skills. I prefer TB, although more variety on attacking moves with newer classes is always nice.
Do we know what ARK's legion piece is? Just +STR?

xpoohx105 says:

All we need is for them to keep non-beast mode good and this class will be fine. That's all I'm hoping for.

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