MapleStory V – 5th Job Skills Showcase

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Starting from level 200, your characters can unleash their true powers by activating new 5th job skills. Check out what amazing new ability has been unlocked for all of your favorite characters!

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소울마스터o o says:

Korea maplestory is only good..


0:35 KUNKA ???

구독안하면 내프사 니미래여친 나 says:


Fran Mira says:

Music: Maplestory Mashup – DJ Searcher & NECORD

Khôi Vũ says:

Too long ; didnt watch
U became an arch/mage lmao

Freeza Kun says:

gảme cặc toàn chử tiếng anh ko có chử việt nam chơi làm lò gì

goodbye everyone says:

As an angelic burster one trick i approve of her fifth skill itstoo cute

The Queefiest says:

holy shit what is this song??
update: nvm I found it it's Maplestory Mashup by DJ Searcher and NECORD.

Otha Kearney says:

So…Zero basically uses [The World] ?

할리아 says:

king got Korea!!

Dante Rivera says:

Lmao blasters are just shit…

Kyoungshin Kim says:

3:08 is voted the shittest 5th job skill (wild hunter)

Kyoungshin Kim says:

fuck the musics good

할리아 says:

In Korea, there is no jeet.

Schlifenstein says:

Wtf did they do to this game…

Jonas Cabrera says:

Maple story lost me when they start putting bazillion job class…

Onyx Sinon says:

holy fucking shit

타락파워 광이야 says:

hmm?? american hero and korean hero is very different? korean hero 5th job skill is very good.

Eunjun Shin says:

Rip wild hunter, its skill is crap…

Sidenote: music is lit!!!

Eldon Gwee says:

Whats the name of the soundtrack from 2:34 onwards? Damn

ConnyArt says:

Lmao this is what Maplestory is now? 80% of the screen being effects and numbers.
Quality game.

GK GunRay says:

What's wrong with mechanic's V skill…
That's not an ulti…TAT

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