Mexican Shaman Explains My DMT Trip Serpent Visions | A Place For Humans Podcast w/ Dakota Wint #08

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I’m in Mexico and last night I spent all day with one of the most profound people i’ve ever met, Artemio Solis Guzman – who is a medicine man living in the mountains. He explained to me why the serpent is such a prevalent vision in the psychedelic and meditation spaces, which I have personally had more than once – on both DMT and Mushrooms. His knowledge of psychedelics, sacred geometry and the philosophies of the different MesoAmerican people like the Aztecs, Mayans and Olmecs.

The actual video of him explaining it will be out in a month or so


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Joshua Ammons says:

I've always wondered whether life is created by vibrations, and what really confirmed it in many ways for me was watching oscilloscope art.. (this video is a wonderful example). As a music producer I can personally confirm certain vibrations of songs can bring about energies and feelings quite similar to the psychedelic state. But maybe I'm just a nut. Either way, great podcast man!

Max Juhtanovs says:

Dakota what you do is amazing, one of my favourite channels!

Tom Simmonds says:

This is such a phenomenal podcast, so great, honestly one of the best you've done so far, resonated deeply to the infomation about the serpents, having seen/experienced similar things I always love hearing other peoples & other cultures views on these experiences, looking forward to future podcasts, much love dude

tofolux says:

Loved this, insightful and heartfelt. Much love.

ilikestarsun says:

In chit chin itza the main pyramid has two serpents going down the side of the stairs, one on each side. And during the equinox, the pyramid is built perfectly in such a was that the shadow of the sun starts from the top of the pyramid and slowly descends to the bottom outlining the serpants on the stairs making it look like this shadow snake is coming from the sky and reaching earth. And they say that the cosmic serpant comes to earth on that day.

Paula says:

Wow i could listen to a podcast of you every day !!! Pls do a lot moore

love diam0nd says:

You should visit Copper Hills in Chihuahua! It's an amazing natural site, part of the Sierra tarahuamra, home of the raramuri tribe, look it up man. Much love ✌

Jacob Booher says:


Deepad says:

“The best service you can do is to keep your thoughts on God. Keep God in mind every minute.” Neem Karoli Baba

Junior Garcia says:

Check out: We will Rise by Kurly Tlapoyawa.

Jacob Britton says:

The serpent is Satan, of course he/she would choose to represent sexual energy. Think about it, what else would a being, once known as the most beautiful of all angels, who now seeks to deceive and destroy humanity, use to attract his/her victims? Sexual attraction is one of the most, if not the most alluring force known to man. And no wonder you saw a bright light, Satan was described in the Bible as an angel of light! Wake up, Dakota! I wouldn't be telling you these things if I didn't love you. We've all lied, we've all stolen, we've all made a contribution to the evil that dwells within this world. We all need salvation through Jesus Christ!

I'm curious to know how you rationalize the obvious parallels between this serpent being you've encountered and what the Bible describes as "Satan". Do you think the writers of the Bible were trying to demonize this otherwise benevolent being? How were they able to depict this being so accurately? Why did they describe it as a deceiver? Who's lying to us? The Biblical authors or the serpent?

Sahil Sharma says:

this video is powerful

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