MMO IN MY POCKET! – Swifty Lineage 2: Revolution Gameplay Highlights

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This is my first look at a new mobile MMO called Lineage 2: Revolution! It is awesome having a full scale MMO on the go, and it really is a lot of fun.

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Video and Graphics Editor: JugsLinterfins

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AllSodiumDiet says:

No pay, no win

aid gaming says:

Does anyone know when it will be released in the uk store?(iOS)

kryštof klabeček says:

You must buy no grade shots

Keelo says:

Swifty Lost Ark ??

Soniee T. says:

Try Order and Chaos 2 or Celtic Heroes on mobile. Both pretty good.

Keelo says:

Ta gra wygląda lepiej niż WoW O_o

gerald says:

wait till you guys try the enhancement system of this game 😀

there are people posting videos of the enhancement system of the game

RY Gaming says:

When is it gonna realese

Aндрей Филипов says:

А у нас в СНГ когда

David Reynolds says:

Can't wait to play this mmorpg on my phone is it any good

Infamous Moola, Clash of clans, GTA 5, Battle field says:

Do you think there will be some sort of controller support for lineage 2 I think that'll be great

Dylan Gillespie says:

Anyone wanting to play it early can make a Philippines apple account and download it

Juan Dela Cruz says:

To get rare item
Grade S lvl 30 (your own item) and Grade S lvl 30 (different class and diffent type)
Example: Grade S Armor + Grade S Boots

Jc Gonzales says:

game is already out in south korea and some parts in Asia. no release date yet for NA. Hoping it will be out soon though. cant wait to play it. clan war is really nice here guys.

diskuse diskuse says:

What a massive shill

Nick Puttock says:

and now swifty has to take sponsored videos

Diaphragm Pictures says:

Wich device are you using to play? I wonder if my p9lite can handle it…

Lubos ルボス Nemec ネメツ says:

I wish WOW could have a battle system like this. Looks so cool when you fight not like just hitting always with the same movements

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