MMOFTW – EverQuest Next is Cancelled

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Hello and welcome to another MMOFTW here on What a week it was if you like bad things happening. Right off the bat, we’ll get the biggest bad news out of the way: EverQuest Next has been canceled. But wait, there’s more! Watch and learn all the news that matters this week…


Rift’s 5th Anniversary to, you know, bring out the haters 🙂

ArcheAge Puts Botters & Hackers On Notice (see above)

Darkfall: New Dawn Trailer

Blade & Soul Adds Premium Memberships

EVE’s New MiniGame Assists Scientific Discovery

Crowfall Class Tweaks

ESO Thieves Guild DLC Launched

Overwatch Release Date


Ereesta Jenkins says:

I got beta keys for this and honestly it was really boring the character creation didn't have a lot of options and the building mechanics were confusing and weird. All you saw was building and land not a single mob or combat tutorial in sight…

Kohii kawaii says:

lol wildstar is fucking garbage

Madao says:

Well if EQ next isnt going to release, there's nothing to look forward to, if thats the game you have been looking forward to, how can it NOT get you down?

Im fine with them not releasing it as an EQ game, i just want an MMO with those mechanics… if it isnt fun, then, you simply need to expand on the game and MAKE it fun, you dont fucking cancel it and waste millions of dollars on abandoning a project with insane levels of potential, that is moronic…

MrTirien says:

Lineage Eternal…. I just hope they will get it here soon, i understand it's not ready yet, but i hope it will be released soon. Bought and played d3 for around 2 months, went back for 2 weeks not long ago, and what a mess and boring pos it truly is. No wonder none of my friends still play it.

I have hopes for LE, hopefully they wont wait too long…

zanderofspades says:

elder scrolls is a joke i refunded my money within 12 hours of buying that trash im not gna wait to kill a quest mob in a line of 20000 people . garbage.

Verithiell says:

I didn't know it has been cancelled until now. I was really waiting for this game. Guild Wars 1 was my favourite mmorpg of all times. It was just amazing. GW@ sadly did not deliver on any front. I was really hoping EQN will be the next big game. I am really surprised that daybreak bought SoE and decided to can the project. It is just weird to say the least.

Mike McQueary says:

check out project 1999. Free server of the classic everquest

Lev Ridge says:

So happy i didn't pre-order nor would I ever pre-order anything from these people based on this… just wow. I can't imagine how people who brought the bs landmark feel ….. omg.

udaaz says:

Pantheon: rise of the fallen back to EQ1 style Brad Mcquaid

TheBanAna says:

what about everquest next LANDMARK?

Echoir Kavre says:


Mote of Dust says:

This is what you get for buying games that aren't even made yet. If you are dumb enough to buy into early access or pre orders then expect to get screwed over. Its as though all you idiots don't understand how reality works.

Dexyu says:

wildstar is just fucking bland as fuck.

Dreez76 says:

Wildstar is an amazing game with great content and developers. My reason for quitting was class-balance and issues with Warriors being too weak and not really shining in any area compared to the other classes. Outdamaged by all and not much better tank then Engineers or Stalkers…

I would still be playing otherwise, fantastic game.

Caíque Bottosso says:

Hello I am fan of your weekly videos and not lose a single video but please increase the sound of your voice in the videos is always very low.

Congratulations Bill and continue with the excellent work

xwtredsnake says:

what the hell lot of people have paid for founder pack for this game omg!!!

Herz König says:

can't say I'm supprised that EQ is cancelled, still disappointing…

Ken Shamrock (PSG) says:

Good bye everquest

Noggen says:

There goes my $100 Trailblazer pack…

BillyBowlster says:

Good, now the genre can either die or move out of stagnation, up to you devs you want to cater to casual still?

Rotjunk Festergut says:

I KNEW this was going to happen.

gearzdesign says:

EQ Next was pretty much dead long ago. I was looking forward to it, but as soon as SOE was sold, I knew EQN would be shuttered since EQ landmark ended up losing my interest.

Wildstar is good in theory, but in execution and practice (the quest grind is terrible and boring)with the limited combat of the game it just falls flat. There was just too much in the way of it becoming a force in the MMO market.

JooJoo Flop says:

what a shame!

bloodfurypk666 says:

korean game are cheap and only clone

Erebus2075 says:

eqn died with the sale of soe… disgusting how that whole bs "worked out"…. let the company die (feel bad for the developers getting fcked by greedy shit companies)

Joe “GetCracken23” L. says:

What a pile of crap

Risto Laukkanen says:

Damn, I had high hopes for EQN.

Rogz VR says:

one of the reason wildstar fail is because the 24/7 Red and Blue on the ground!

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