MMOHuts Live – Neverwinter Gameplay (9/11/2017)!

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Colt dives into Neverwinter! Inching closer to that level cap!


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My system specs:
Processor: i7-6700K 4.0 ghz
Ram: 16 GB DDR4
Video Card: EVGA Geforce 970 GTX 4GB 1.3 ghz

My streaming schedule is Monday-Wednesday-Friday at 2PM EST.


Alejandro Sánchez says:

where is Omar

cr pk says:

I enjoyed the time i played this game but the instanced world just break totally for me.

Oliver Stone says:

Why do u makeeeee videos about this old bad game???????? There are so many new games …. ok i unsuscribe … good luck.

JDM12983 says:

Wow, this guy needs to just stop….

DiBBz says:

if someone has been playing this game for a long time and has dedicated a huge chunk of their time. can you please give a run-down on how the game is handling itself as of now.

played for a couple weeks when it first launched. but have never returned. i see it gets updated here and there but dont know if its worth returning.

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