Myth Angels Online (Angel Senki) Kraken

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This is a game play of me using my wiz hunting Kraken key boss stage on expert solo at second city (Sun Light City) C2W2S5.Please comment and thanks for watching!


TheDozla says:

hey man i play Angel online i just want to know which one its best?

phalkenphalken says:

@HypeMiX101 I think they increased it higher now up to 120?? or 110… I'm not quite sure.

phalkenphalken says:


phalkenphalken says:

@khensuki 日本語は話せません. 英語ができますか? (>_<)

phalkenphalken says:

@m249saw03 the spells and skills are the same but not as much as the jpn version because the jpn version is more well developed community and the lvl cap has been raised to 120 i think and so are the skills and spells, last highest spell/skill i seen for sale on the market was lvl 100.

phalkenphalken says:

@shyameanxia Hmmm depends on what youre talking about because its out on chinese, japanese and now on english.

phalkenphalken says:

Sorry for the late reply, but this is Angel Senki the Japanese version thats been out for years before the english version of MAO, I think the lvl cap now in the jp version is 120 im not quite sure because i have not played it in a long time, I played this on the ps3 which also cross-platform online with the pc so i have choice where I can play it. And no there's no angel baby here XD

ZiekeAnn says:

is there an international version yet?

m249saw03 says:

yay MAO is out now english ver. but its not original i dnt think they hav spells like tht >,<

phalkenphalken says:

@khensuki Hi, but excuse me… what did you say? I'm not japanese (>_<) w

Keneth Ocampo says:

Kurāken no u~izādo dakedenaku, suru koto wa dekimasen hanto o.o

phalkenphalken says:

@djDagz12 Hmm… in japanese I believe its called wizard or wiz but sure, yes I am ><

djDagz12 says:

are u master? o.o

phalkenphalken says:

@andresmoreno03 andres, I believe you play senki with me and your in my guild lol.. you know its in japanese! that is if you are the person im implying lol

phalkenphalken says:

@guitar151 Yea, as far as I know MAO is coming out on ps3 as well, I mean why not?? because on this version, I grind on the ps3 and farm on the pc with my other characters, so basically its a cross platform mmo and basically the same game. Its just that this japanese version im playing is more of the final product because its been out for a few years now. No word on when mao ps3 version will be coming out, but If sony is smart, they should make this open to english ps3 owners as well.

phalkenphalken says:

The game was originated from Taiwan, but this is the Japanese version

phalkenphalken says:

@dpsrush No, its not, I believe that the ones that did the trailer is from Taiwan.

chris l says:

are these the same voice acting from the english trailer….they should just kept it japanese have have sub.

Callum Singh says:

@phalkenphalken Theres a ps3 version coming out lol? Tell me more please 😀 nice video btw 🙂

phalkenphalken says:

@ZeroBlitz36 Yea, Im super stoked for the ps3 version when it comes out, but I got 3 high lvl characters that I already built in this version. Its kind of hard to start over lol. Thanks you for your comment!

ZeroBlitz36 says:

Wow nice,I am barelly waiting for MythAngels Online to come. I already have a lv 40 mage on chinese server but got bored of obvious reasons.
Nice videos

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