Myth Angels Online (Game Play)

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Myth Angels Online is a 2D anime inspired fantasy MMORPG published by UserJoy.The game vent into closed beta on October 26th
Game site link
This video is just simple game play of the game while doing an instance


zacmckaynz says:

this is shit

PlatinumCyGirl says:

hmm I gotta try this XD

m249saw03 says:

oh cool hey r u fr chimera or new cerberus? wat lvl r u? o.o

Peinosawr says:

cbt is much like a testing of it but not actually saving the progress you do

vashtandee says:

err what is the meaning of close beta?

L33tMMOWorld says:

@skalibur000 Explain bit more, what's wrong ?

skalibur000 says:

hey dude i can't enter, help pls!

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