Myth Angels Online Official Trailer [Preview]

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Jason Litzau says:

It sounds like they took one voice and adjusted the pitch for each character.

Azalia says:

I was playing it for the beta when it came out. What happened to it?

The Dude says:

Wow the voice work is too good for words.. Lmfao.

Matt Quaranta says:

Oh hai Athena!

wiiagent says:

the voice acting is an insult to my ears lol wtf where they thinking with this shit?

robotdeer says:

Unfortunately this trailer is the best thing about the game.

robotdeer says:

Or best dub ever.

natvader says:

worst dub ever.

brandonstfu says:

The game would look so much better, if those disabled retards weren't talking.

thapoint09 says:

*thunderous applause*

This is wonderful.

hishirie says:

I thought this was a parody at first xD

BoomyBoomFP says:

I was laughing my ass off at this, and reading the comments only makes it funnier.I just can't take this trailer seriously.

xVaile says:

Oh… oh god… I can't take this seriously… But I love it!

Kenjuudo says:

i would seriously play this if the whole game was dubbed by these amazing voice actors.

דור בקאל says:

אנג'לס אונלין

Chaotic Chill says:

It's like they had no TONGUES or something?!

trickso says:

Oh yes, please let me fulfill my desire!

Meghann R. says:

Athena is a gay man. Calling it.

ToothpickMcBrainy says:

Zeus is Tommy Wiseau, calling it.

chewymilkybar says:



wow just wow that was.. just…

Krim says:

Good thing they have subtitles. What language are they speaking, anyway?

GhostandChromis says:

"Hey Athena"

I couldn't even make it that far without bursting into laughter.

claudesavegely says:

what the HELL did i just watch!?

PoissonLihp says:


GeneralValky says:

I see a bunch of monsters and voices from the normal angels online. This made by igg too?

thepwner7 says:

@Blueprodigy *rucky

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