Neverwinter ALL CLASSES Full Video

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Neverwinter All Classes Review 2017 – 2018
Part 1, 2, 3, and 4 will be on the link below
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TruelyAwesome says:

I chose trickster rogue because it’s abilities reminded me of Katarina
Maybe you guys know her maybe you guys dont

kiran s says:

hey minimi you used to have lot of characters now its only 7/7 how ?

GreenLight Productions says:

Honestly this is one of the best and most entertaining mmo rpg class breakdowns i've seen. Looking to get into the game and was undecided on what type of class to choose and I loved the video and helped me out a lot! Just wanted to say thanks for the great content!

xINoLiMi7z- #1 says:

Yo mini, im playin a hr pathfinder (trapper), got 70 a few days ago, would u recommend me to stick on it or change to combat? Im only pvp, which one is harder to kill for u when u play against hr's?

Ldrago says:

Hey Mini can you direct me to the full TR build

Manuel Mendez says:

The question is is this your class..hahah

fairy hehe says:

I play a dwarf oath bound Paladin and I was so obsessed with healing that eventually I became unkillable and as long as you're near me you wouldn't die either

Daniel HD says:

Minimi Why you dont have anymore 43 Characters??

srinnynugget says:

Why do you put tags on the description you can get your video taken down

DidiDigit says:

I'm sure I played this for a few weeks when it was first released. Would love to start playing from scratch but all my gaming buddies don't play mmorpg's and I can't bare playing on my own

Mahew Weeks says:

Awesome video u rock yay

Marcel Leoni says:

Minimi I hope you get this quick. I'm pretty sure myself and other on console would love to know how much each rp stone and enchantment gives on 12b. I think you would get a lot of viewers if your were to break it down for us so we know ahead of time 🙂

Mzimon says:

Hello, quick question. Combat PvE SW or PF?

yugiboyable says:

any class that can give me dual wield and has lightning with good damage. I basically like either a STR AGI or vice versa

CyaN says:

Minimi, do you know if there will be any new classes soon?

Gangsta Kid says:

Why does your daring shout does damage ?

La-Vonte' Edmonds says:

Hru mini bro are you playing on PS4 if so can I join your guild

david pessall says:

Mini could u do a artifact lvl video

afterformula says:

Dam i even struggle to get 1 char to 10k ilvl and get some good enchats and you have so manny characters at 70 with all these enchants TEACH ME MASTER!! 🙂

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