Neverwinter – Heralds of Tiamat Raid Gameplay, Level 70! (Mod 6 TR)

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Neverwinter | Heralds of Tiamat (Raid) | Module 6 + Trickster Rogue


Andres says:

#раздача_аккаунтов_Dark_Age_TERA_online_Panzar_War_Thunder World of Warcraft Black_Desert варфейс и другие на форуме haox,ru Раздаём каждый день акки с доном!

Ahmet Can HazarBey says:

Dps Tr Build ?

creolegamer says:

nice vid, havent reahed lv70 yet (still 64) but i'm wondering bout the use of sly flourish and the loss in damage compared to duelist flurry. I know why one would want to use SF over DF but is it a norm among TRs now? Returning player btw

TheTKristal says:

where can I find the build setup of the mod 6 ?

jermey napier says:

So why are they now starting with green instead of white on the runs? Is it because the black bugs out too often?

GameLoot Storage says:

Want to see Trickster Rogue PvP Music Video? Check this out!

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