Neverwinter Siege PVP Mod 12b Gameplay

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There is a weekly reward for doing Siege. Pick up the quest from Master Of Coin.


Vic D says:

Hahaha best pvp haha now way

eudes geoffroy says:

Mod12b has zero content. One (poorly designed and horribly implemented) skirmish cannot be named content. Mod12b is only a nerf of RP (no more 2XRP, blue drops not RP-able any more) as well as a huge raise og enchants prices, with R12s being replaced as BiS by R14s, while the drops remain R5s and are not raised to r7.
How is it you don't tell that to your viewers? Are you paid by Cryptic? Red thumb for you.

coolmoneyxx says:

This is a….wait for it….mazing

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