New Terra Buff OP In Joust?- Grandmaster Ranked Joust- Smite

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LoneKitsunee says:

Cool guys wait a day to watch the video qB^)

mo marsh says:

wow that medusa pick seems like they are trying to tell you something.

BaeWilix says:

But it all changed when the T H I C C nation attacked.

Larbi Farah says:

The sacriface

Nick Romanov says:

Hi rez need to nerf Trelli

T G says:

Tera has always been thicc. Don't tell my wife.

J. Lascari says:

Where is DAVEEEE

uwantSAM0A says:

Eat my boots!

jeremy Artiles says:

“ALIVEEEEE” ~trelli

jason lausterer says:

Yo tell cosmos to start making videos, that dude is awesome

Todd Griffith says:

I would love to see a MOTD that’s rated M and every time you kill a minion the blood splatters are real af … let’s make this happen

Limited Respect says:

Looking forward to another ranked conquest with you and rexsi

A Real Door says:

The only thing I learned during this video is Terra's curses says "Eat my Boots".

Jordan Stone says:

Is med good now? Why are people getting it?

WTHisDaftPunk says:


De DAWKness Walken says:

5:57 out fucking played

Cristopher Cruz says:

No worry I'm real! 😛 #22 august

Dakoda Armstrong says:

I love that people watch these videos and are like damn Osiris is on this game lmao

Ted Longley says:

In fucking everything*****

Austin11 says:

Can I get a second reply? Ayeeee

Naomi Takahashi says:

Trelli senpai °^°

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