Next-Level Nerd!!! – Episode 3 – Asheron’s Call Gameplay (Missile Weapons/Summoning build!)

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Hello all! In this fun episode, I try to show off a bit of the wilderness at first before dying a horrible death! Then, I head to a Viamontian city and attempt to finish a quest which will certainly test our mettle a bit! We encounter our first enemy golems and attempt to survive. Watch and see if I succeed (Spoiler – I do! 😀 ).

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Fluent's World says:

More Asheron’s Call quest madness!

Dieter Schwerdtfeger says:

Sorry if I am lazy, but could you maybe make a playlist of your AC videos
so I know which one I should start with, please? Because this one says
Episode 1, even though you have a bunch of older AC videos?

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