No Man's Sky – Visions | PS4

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Introducing Visions, a free new update for No Man’s Sky. Enhancing the variety of alien landscapes, with new exotic planets, new colours, new fauna and flora, archaeology, salvaging, and much more.


YokuGero says:

They never gave up on us

Shout outs to Hello Games

Charlote Agari says:

Still waiting for the giant snake

Jody Resnanda says:

When this game stopped being a rock shooting simulator, I'll buy it.

Alan Sigrist says:

Maybe….. is time to buy the game.

Yuni X2 says:

I want the game now. Heard alot of the Updates, now I want.

Usamah Fagehe says:

Is this a new one?

zGabriel EXTREME says:

This game will have online multiplayer or is a lie?

Matty Mckenna says:

Where can i get no mans land?

Allan Voloch says:

No worth buy

_ Vyperz says:

Best game ever

Samuel Farias says:

Paid or free?

Kryštof Bernatik says:

Best game ever

Ram Vidar says:

It's reminds me of spore galactic adventures

Johnny Estacado says:

How such a small studio with limited resources achieved something this huge and visionary is just beyond me! I hope they keep on growing and turning NMS into something we've never experienced before <3

Dalton Goodwin says:

I think they need to make a “civilizations” update so that we the traveller can take control of these cities and then take these civilizations on new chapters such as starting a space station kind of like how the movie valerian started

- Schattenpflanze - says:

Finally we reached Beta

A 9 Years Old NOT YouTuber says:

So do you guys still prefer E3 No Man's Sky or this?

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