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Today I give you some tips and tricks to start your adventure in Dungeon Quest!

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duck from BT21 says:

Once u use sword with whirlwind your op for sand peasants they ARE peasants

Ivan Jev Cruz says:

Ey Bandites can we do dungeon together?

Thatcher Playz says:

Wish I could have a gold and I’m lvl 47 xD

swagg dude says:

12:07 "normalcore" lol

Bill Nye The Cipher Guy says:

Anyone know if theres an official dungeon quests discord group?

Xie WU says:

what hardness is that?

Rayyping_Som Neggos says:

Stamina gives 50 hp now

cringe boi says:

Great video

Mad Gamer says:

I don’t
have shift block so it make it harder to play on iPad

jerry zhang says:

I just played and I am level 19

David Reh says:

Am on IOS so I can’t do shift lock

Technopal says:

Actually, the higher the stamina, the more health at a time it upgrades. For me, it does 35 per upgrade.

Spooks101 Komah says:

Hey I just started thanks this really helps

Pamle Pfirman says:

Im a noob also play dungeon with friends who are pros so join them

Muang Pi says:

Im a level 42 with 2k health

Muang Pi says:

Ok im a level 42 and your a level 30 how u got a better weapon then me

Gallade GamingYT says:

Tanks are under rated thats why it is hard to find tanks thats why u should encourage stamina upgrading…

ryan Sia says:

Thank You I know how to play now..

Colo clash royale,brawl stars and more says:

I just wanna say you're wrong I am a melee player but spell power is way more important then physical and no stamina the higher you go the more the stamina gives mine give 20 per upgrade so get good before making tutorials

Susu says:

I’m on phone so I don’t have shift lock cuz I can’t afford a pc ;(

MaximGeld says:

Stamina also scales with your armor so the more stamina you have the more health you will get from your armor

Adastation says:

I saw everyone with a weird thing on their screen but it was shift lock so now i know! Also thanks for the tips bandites!

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