OSRS on IPhone! (first look)

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Thanks for watching guys! Let me know in the comments below if you want to see anything else tested on iOS during the beta.

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hidayat noor says:

RIP my degree life

FillerFlipper NHM says:

What's up with the membership?

Texas Living says:

I can’t find the app

Shadow Lord says:

Why does the beta not alow you to play if ur not a member kinda unfair hope that changes very quickly couldn't remember my old account that had membership really hope the beta removes the membership requirement to play the beta I have an android

luke wilson says:

How do you get a member ship on android to play

Zachery Madison says:

I remember when my classmate, Dennis Muldoon, came to school with the first iPhone in 2007. Everyone surrounded him, including the teacher, to marvel at the invention. When he let me see it, I immediately went to Runescape to try and play…without success. I had no hope after that, that RS would ever be mobile. 11 years later and I get an invitation to iOS RS Beta. I am currently fly fishing on my iPhone and the game feels new again. Crazy how things have changed. Goodbye IRL.

BlendedBeautyXO says:

Omggggg , can’t wait for my gpa to drop

Mr.Christian says:

I cant play i need a member ship to play

crazy Lithuanian magician says:


Cody James says:

Thought they weren’t sending out closed beta invites till August 30th?

Crown Me King says:

Is this out yet

orderretro says:

I thought that was me. Was like who tf is Andy

Jeff says:

Is it free to play OSRS without membership with IOS? Android user have to buy membership to play F2P or MEMBER WORLD

Daniel Baugus says:

This is gonna look so good on my s9 plus

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