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I am live streaming the much anticipated MMO, Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen along with Chris Perkins, Creative Director at VR, and Ben Dean, Producer & Director of Communications.
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samljer says:

Game looks terrible.
For starters, why do the character animations look 30fps in a world being rendered at 60?

Petterson says:

Published in 30fps for authenticity.

Prehistoric Turtle says:

the graphics pahahaha

Turin Horse says:

I just wanna add my support and love for Pantheon Rise of the Fallen: Tough Poop Edition.

Turin Horse says:

when the characters move backwards, they turn and face the camera… that seems odd to me. is there no backpedal animation? or is there an option to stop that? game looks awesome. excited

Eggchin X says:

How does it feel to have laid the foundation to a game that's still running 20 years later? It's my favorite MMO but I started playing again on a plane planes of power cap server. I am very excited for Pantheon and we'll be buying it day one. I'm trying to spread the word but people get mad when I tell him about it sometimes

Paintocrazy - Art Tutorials says:

Holy shit this is Everquest 2019. RIP AAA "MMOs"

MaynardKeenanX says:

One of the basic pillars of why Vanilla WoW / TBC got so popular was Blizzard's of "Easy to learn, hard to master" philosophy, which the devs on Pantheon seem to have understood.

Mike Anetsberger says:

Not sure if its your first time playing a healer but you were tryna heal a corpse. Also don't sit so close to mobs in combat theyll attack you and crit your ass if youre sitting. Also, you have like 75% mana no need to sit and regen mid fight when everyones dying around you..

Mike Anetsberger says:

This is giving me hardcore nostalgia to EQ1 days. I dunno if I like the animations being near identical to EQ1 but.. thats not that big a deal.

Chosenxeno says:

I like that I only need to Worry about Healing. DPSing has been forced into the Healer role way too much in newer MMORPGs.

TheRushfx says:

looks garbage

Alice K says:

After seeing the character models in games like FFXIV and BDO (FFXIV models are actually very simplistic but look amazing and much more realistic than Pantheon at the time of this comment) I am a bit spoiled. The amateur appearance of these models tells me that they are most likely placeholders, and I really hope that's the case. They remind me a bit of the default Skyrim and ES character models, but more basic. I've spent a ton of time in the ES community, and guess what 90% of the people do for their first mod? Change the face/body of the default models to make them more appealing. I really hope the character artist they hired has their head on straight. Also, I better have some cute options. Some people like buff and stoic, some people like cute and quirky. Western MMORPGs rarely get the cute characters correct. Halflings are pretty good, but they need a lot of work so they don't look like sun-baked raisin-skinned 50 year olds. I'm not talking about Elin from TERA or Lalafell/Tarus from Final Fantasy levels of cute, but something appealing to the same crowd is a requirement. It can be westernized cute without looking like an old milkmaid who spent her younger years wrestling bears. You can have nostalgic gameplay without having characters models that look like they boarded a time machine from the 90s. I'm still pretty salty about what they did to the gnomes (energy beings, seriously?), but that's another story.

Also planning on pledging to this, but I'm waiting for the next big showcase after the current lull in content. They hired some artists and animators, and they're working on fleshing out the Elven(?) starting zone. What we see from that will tell us all we need to know about whether this game will be worth supporting or not. I love their ideas so far though. If they can get them into a playable state instead of just having them on paper and make it enjoyable I'll be overjoyed.

jubjuba1982 says:

Looks so stiff and old

Martin Mikkelsen says:

hard to hear what you say because of in-game sounds… i will pass on this video because of that…

Soroosh A. says:

I'm looking forward to the game but the graphics dont look nice to me. its too dark and shiny at the same time somehow. Not pleasing to my eyes.

tristan rothermel says:

Lots of hope for the game for sure. I understand it is in pre alpha but gonna say it anyways, they got so much to work on, the movement is so clunky. Sound effects are awful the cheap grunting from the NPCS is not acceptable. The attack swing and combat in general needs so much improvement. Character models could use some work as to not make them looks like balls of dough. I want the game to do well, good luck Pantheon and all the devs.

General Warning says:

We need this game!

Andreas Fleischmann says:

This game looks like 1999 i mean wtf its 2019 and this is what we got lmao mmos are realy dead

C H says:

i think i played this game in 1999

Elliott says:

I feel sorry for people that pledged to this. The age of the MMO is dead, every time there has been an inkling of a game that has threatened to challenge WoW and be the WoW killer it has fallen flat on its face. Unfortunately this game will be no different.

Beece says:

trash tier graphics, this wont have legs unless they improve the visuals.

Salah RH says:

Id much rather play eso and thats an insult

Steven Adams says:

Too bad you suck at healing

Kyle Clevenger says:

I am kinda upset about how stale this game looks. i mean, sitting to med? wtf? how about you modernize this game a bit. It's gonna be dead in a few months with this kind of game play. i can almost guaruntee it

Kyle Clevenger says:

i think they made this game for people with autism

Kyle Clevenger says:

this game looks so fucking stale lmao.

EQOAnostalgia says:

This game is managing to capture both EQ1 and EQOA in terms of aesthetics and gameplay brilliantly! I tried to get into EQII after EQOA was shut down, i got into EQ1 way more easily. The style and pace of oldschool EverQuest can not be matched in terms of pure satisfaction and community.

It has it's frustrations, i remember them very well lol. But it pays off, it always pays off when you persist and have friends to help you along! MMO's have moved away from their source for so long, the entire genre has been in an identity crisis for years. Feels good to see home on the horizon. As cheesy as that may sound, when EQOA was shut down, both my wife and i became MMO refugees, bouncing from game to game. Can't do it anymore man.

Vhok says:

in 13 years when this game comes out i'll play it…. if i haven't died of old age that is.

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