Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Pre-Alpha 3 Dire Lord Gameplay Ft. CohhCarnage

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The Dire Lord is one of Pantheon’s tank classes. In this stream with CohhCarnage he learns about the intricacies of tanking, the importance of hate management and group interdependencies.

The group explores a bit of Black Rose Keep and some all-new areas of the freshly updated Avendyr’s Pass.

More information on the Dire Lord can be found at


tist006 says:

One recommendation. Change the 2h run animation to the character holding it with both hands.

kim isaksson says:

i'm almost sure that this game is going to be the one that kills world of warcraft for good it's looks and works legendary i just need this game man!

Thac0 Gamers says:

I am so damn excited for this game! Keep up the good work!

Khazgul says:

Please! Please! work on the looks of the ORCs, I would say play some Shadows Of Mordor for some inspiration, those legs are way too short they look goofy.

Altuis Sangio says:

How much to test it ?

Eric Maile says:

I dont understand why its taking forever.

Eric Maile says:

I know its alpha but seems kinda slow.

Maginus James says:

I dislike multiple function abilities, I much more prefer one thing for each spell or ability, I'm only 7 minutes in and I am already overwhelmed and don't want to play it.

Christopher Castle says:

I have not decided if i want to play a tank, healer, bard or enchanter

Joseph Hamby says:

Have they ever let anyone play with a dev that actually has talent? Seems like most people that play it were are old EQ casuals instead of some people from the hardcore groups.

Ciaran Conner says:

the Vanguard flash backs are real sniff and the EQ sound effects with some of the buffs its truly beautiful

Jeffrey Moody says:

So much influence by EQ1! I love it. And yes, I know Brad co-produced EQ1. Just love that he carried many of the aspects of EQ over. And the Black Rose Keep reminds me of a remastered version of EQ's Unrest zone. This game can't come soon enough!

Alessia Aikley says:

I'll play it when its released, and had a couple of large patches. So about 5 years from now.

AwRy Swytech says:

Woah, some new sounds and classic sounds tooo, nice!!!

Geoff says:

Loving the progress made so far, this is looking fantastic already. Going to pledge today as i just started following this game last week and was going through the updates and what not.

Michael Fulton says:

Can't wait! But I read there won't be "end game" and gear progression with every 6 months a new dungeon and better gear opening up. This is the treadmill I want.

Darryl Mann says:

Let me be the first to say this. "BWS please" Like if you get it!

A says:

Been playing PJ1999 for past few months.. will buy this! did not know Brad and the gang were back at it!

mushy says:

Dire Lord seems like they would be good for a little solo play if need be or smaller groups. Maybe even not even needing a cleric but a class that does more minor healing for the rest of the party while dire lord taking care if themselves.
I really hope rogues & wizard type classes have great unique skills as I'm going to play one of those 2 jobs

Charles Xavier says:

i'm gonna be really bummed out if there is no fallen paladin/shadow knight style class and the dire lord is taking its place. I have to admit the dire lord doesn't really look like much fun to play.

Charles Xavier says:

the world looks great, i'm dying to play.

Nicholas Sheradin says:

would be really nice with that wind and a blizzard picked up in the snow area with the orcs

Crank Wankshaft says:

So pretty much every single mob in the game is tuned to be able to 1v6 a player party? Do our characters canonically have some kind of muscular dystrophy or something? Cuz that's honestly really silly looking and immediately breaks my suspension of disbelief.

Owen Sands says:

Looks like a few things came from vanguard? Target rings look very similar also name fonts UI pieces etc.

Tyrant says:

35:12 Can't wait to play a Shadow Knight. I mean Dire Lord 😉

matox01tekk says:

The Dire Lord is like Dark Templar class from Age of Conan : Unchained i like it except the game doesnt even look better then the 10 years old AoC:U which is shame

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