Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Pre-Alpha Gameplay & Thoughts

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Thanks to Visionary Realms for having me on for this livestream! They have given me permission to post this footage of the current Pre Alpha 4 build, along with my thoughts.

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Modern Witchery says:

Looks kinda nice at least.

Jason C says:

im sorry but this looks shit

Joseph Mills says:

I like what I have been seeing, but they need to do something about casters sitting in combat.

Nejim11 says:

wander when you meditate before heal. if you don t have enought mana does the icon become grey or we have to know more or less how much mana it take.

Ciaran Conner says:

i am so looking forward to this tired of MMO's that are basicly Facebook with monsters i love the genre but i don't even feel like i am playing in a game with others in the modern scene and i'm sick of the go go go rush style of gameplay and sick of everyone just rushing to max level as soon as possible i want a journey not a destination i spend maybe 2 weeks in at most and quit

Tali Tali says:

love this, thank you!

barnesk80 says:

Hmm do they have beastlords as a class?

Neal Orr says:

FFXI was pretty much just EQ with an FF skin.

Billson Gilberts says:

I need this game to come out soon so everything on P99 can stop being overcamped.

Eric Maile says:

When?? this game is taking forever to come out..

Talinthis says:

how is the navigation? is there a giant ass map with arrows where to go? some stone age in game type navigation would be nice, but giant arrows on your map telling you what direction to go is what makes me dislike a lot of games today.

Sean Steiert says:

This game looks really grindy. Combat seems to take forever. I've seen for example 5 vs 2's that seems to take forever to finish. I think that there's a lot of interesting aspects to this game and I'll keep my eye on it. But the only reason so far that I haven't pledged money, is the combat and leveling looks like it might put me to sleep.

Nerv Central says:

As a long-time EQ player. I hope they get rid of sitting in combat for a caster. I am not saying that you should have fast mana regen. I am just saying that there should be no benefit to sitting while fighting. Resource management should be more interesting than sit, DOT, sit, heal, sit, HOT, sit, nuke. Looks stupid too.

Jay Gerlach says:

I played EQ from vanilla to the expac right after secrets of faydwyer – I have always missed the true "Support" role classes like the Shaman / Enchanter.
I will most definitely play a chanter/shaman and I like Pulling to I'll also play either a monk or ranger

RobTzu 1 says:

Not a fan of sitting in combat.

Kichwas Selassie says:

Why do characters keep sitting down in the middle of fights? Is that just about a lacking graphic because it’s pre-alpha?

SearcherGreen9 says:

What are the chances of this game releasing by 2028?

The Caretaker says:

Is tanking and keeping aggro challenging? I would imagine if they are going for that old school feel it would be, just asking.

Briansgate says:

MrHappy, you were my main go-to when I played ffxiv at launch, and I hope to hear lots about Pantheon. High hopes, fingers crossed.

Ant V says:

Looks pretty cool for a pre-alpha phase. I was first introduced to MMO’s back when EQ came out and played it for years. I recently even quit FF14 after 5 years and have gone back to Playing on Project 1999 (emulated eq server). I’d definitely recommend trying out P99 if you want to really experience and understand the roots of where it all started. P99 is the closes thing you’ll get to it. The Live EQ progression servers would not provide the classic feel original EQ introduced to us MMO Gamers where it was very community oriented. Looking forward to Pantheon and hope McQuaid and company can deliver us that feeling we once felt back in 1999!

Travis Allen says:

Ahhh, the ol' book reading while changing spells and meditating… Brings back memories of my Shadow Knight. #everquest #bookintheface #meditation #oom #nomojo #cantseeathing

Dan Gibbs says:

The art direct, spell effects and lighting look great!

a1harry1 says:

Is it just me or does these mmo’s look really dark… I Like to see the armour on your character

Wow is good at showing armour as most of you know

Poemiserable says:

Awesome video @Mrhappy1227, loved seeing Pantheon and would love to see more of it in the future! 😀

Michael Ferreira says:

Meditating in fights was fine in EQ when i was in high school and there was NOTHING like EQ out there, of course we would take what we could get when it came to the type of first person, open world MMO that EQ was. In 2018, seeing what games can do now, seeing how fun combat can be in MMOs while still requiring proper strategy and tactics, this looks so dreadfully boring in contrast.

Joe C says:

Yeah not sure why game companies are trying to revamp the old. Stuck in the past much? I could start singing a song right now but that would be annoying. I hope the best for the game, I might even try it out, but I doubt it will be anything but a small group of players that stick it out.

Seathasky says:

yuck, you're playing with that idiot alexensual ? you're better than this mrhappy!

BygPhattyPlus says:

Looks nice, but not gonna pay $500+ for pre-alpha access.

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