Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Pre-Alpha Halnir Cave and Animation WIPs w/ CohhCarnage

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Join CohhCarnage and VR team members Brad McQuaid, Linda “Brasse” Carlson, Chris Perkins, Mary Conley and Ben Dean as we highlight the Warrior in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen in a group Pre-Alpha adventure through Halnir Cave. Learn details about dungeon and boss progression and find out what makes Gnashura tick.

Then stay tuned as the Dev Team show off Works in Progress including new animations and more.

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Robert Ludlum says:

Every time I watch these and learn more, I feel more and more like a kid in a candy shop… or even a kid in general. You get the tingles and the excitement just makes you want to jump in glee. xD

Craig Abbott says:

thinkin how the boxing rules will be , havnt seen anything on it yet. i know its community based but i would imagine there is going to be people wanting to box. this game is not fast paced would be pretty easy to box it.

Callsign Vega says:

Is this the only dungeon in the entire game? How many streams have been of the same place…

I'm Dead says:

Time to kill seems kinda roughhh

GuruChaz says:

Brad McQuaid sounds monotone and non-excited. Get that EQ1 excitement, man! We need that to translate into good game content.

Oziriz says:

Was worried about non instanced dungeons. But I'm happy they are actively thinking of ways to make it work. Locking you in the room is neat. But what happens if you wipe and have to get back. Can there be another group waiting to take the next turn?

Kris Bunch says:

Ohh, as an old school EQer this game excites me. This is the first gameplay video I have seen. But as someone who followed Vanguard heavily throughout its development and was a beta tester I have to keep my enthusiasm in check so my heart isn't broken again.

TheJakub345 says:

Everything hinges on the meta gaming decision they make. So long as the game is challenging, and it takes time to cross the map, and some areas you can't get to or see with out lots experience and you are forced the travel across the map with no fast travel or server hopping. The game will do well.

justin barrett says:

combat feels a bit slow(looks, excuse me) I mean it takes several of you to take out a single enemy…??? I like the general ideas behind the game but, the combat feels…almost turn based(I realie it is *turn based, like wow)…but it feels really slow…you could do other things to create gameplay…traps, for one, to name something cliche'…

Njin says:

You should implement in game monster voice sound when they talk "evil monologue" gives more immersion

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