Paragon Terra Offlane Gameplay – SHE’S ACTUALLY A BEAST!!!

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Healing Towers
Mana Reactor
Damage Return
Reflexive Purify

Cards – Growth/Chaos

Flame of Zechin
Growth Totem
Swift Hunter
Thorned Yomi
Unbroken Spirit
Unstable Cyborg
Compensator Rig

Outro music by

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Jhordan Beersingh says:

does any1 else hate the melee interaction sound for terra?

BatyGaming says:

Dude mana or not u can take wukong i really dont understand why u ran away at the early game from wukong lol he is so bad when its about taking damage

Shanete Wilson says:

Stop swearing

Youssef Hunter says:

Epic please make cyborg countess

SetzarothTV says:

How is your performance so good?

Euphoric Host says:

You played once in my lobby with rampage and you sucked you can only play good against noobs

sailornaruto39 says:

I know that Wukong was fed and all but you had a lot of armor and used Throned, hot damn!

sailornaruto39 says:

I honetly hate this solo/duo lane set up.
Not only is it more boring to play and watch, btu I find it less strategic as well. In offlane you could focus the carry if the supp ever rotated or if the safe lane pushed too deep kill them both, or split push when they're gone….but now, what do you do? Just 1v1 each other the whole game?

Emanuel Raimundo says:


Zephyr Irons says:

i really wanted to like terra like she sounded so damn cool in the lore but she just looks so dumb i wanted a badass knight not a feminist hulkbuster ironman like ffs

bradly Smith says:

You definitely used your counter attack against the wukong at 32:44

Noah Man says:

Terra is making me redownload Paragon. We finally get a hero that can counter all the insane CC.

David Fisher says:

Good match my dude. I'm Lght. I'd love a rematch sometime with my Greystone or my new Terra build! 🙂

Tuleen Alkawadri says:

The other terra ain't nothin'!

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