Phantasy Star Online 2 – Advent of the Annihilator / Magatsu (Extra Hard – Day One Gameplay)

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Magatsu Update – Day One Gameplay

Too bad we didn’t win this round. =(
But we came very close to winning… that’s why i still decided to upload this…

Magatsu is love, Magatsu is life.

Enjoy Magatsu =)

Skill Tree used in the video:


Some Notes of this boss:

The key to beat him are the emergency trials and the destruction of the breakable parts.

Every completed trial raises the points:
– 100 points grants players the ability to jump high, run fast and even the moon/cosmo atomizer range.
– 500 points grants the players a Maximum HP up.
– 1000 points grants the players PP Recory Speed up.

Don’t fail the trials (especially not the ice(?)-arrow ones).
Avoid his lasers and his dark lightnings.
Destroy the faces/enemies at the gate.

Another thing that will get easier over time is to manage the jumping.

He has a few spots on his body where you can land on to jump even higher.

Some people say all-class jet boots might help jumping.

Here the recommended order in which the breakable parts should be destroyed:

1. Both Legs
It doesn’t matter which one first, but ALL players should focus on one.
Usually set which one by weakbullet.

2. Chest/Shoulders
Always attack the spots that have a weakbullet.
All spots can be destroyed twice!

3. Heads
He has enough to destroy, but focus on the large heads, since those give more points.

If everyone in the party knows this, then the boss shouldn’t be a problem. =D

Happy killing~


Ship: 06 (JP)
Team: Nightfall (



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zero11322 says:

THis is by far the greatest boss i ever seen.

Adrián Peña says:

Could you share your build with us?

shaun Penney says:

Where can you get the kimono/yukata?

Hugh Jass says:

Looks like a job for Batman.

Stre Led says:

That boss's theme sounds like Dark Gaia from Sonic Unleashed.

Vinex says:

im still having problems with the "Failed to download files, server full. WinHTTP Error:12007 [No.103]" how do i fix it? i play the PSO2 SEA version :/

bunsofsteel15 says:

wow alot different than the original thats for sure

天子 says:

That looks freaking crazy…never seen an MMO boss like that

Kyle Seldon says:

Hi!  I've been looking for a good mmo to play and this game looks amazing!  If anyone could help me figure out how to play it in english I would greatly appreciate it.  Do i just download it off the website or is there somewhere else i should go?

MrKokoromo says:

What class is that?

Raunchy x says:

I know I'm late to the party but, I just started PSO2 like.. a month ago. I've been playing this game every day since then, have my Ra on 74 and my Gu is close to 70. I gotta say, my first time Magatsu on XH with my Ra was horrible.. nobody knew what to do, even tho I placed WB's on the right spot, with some downtime becuz cooldown y'know.
Magatsu on SH is way more chill, still a challenge but chill, and people on SH seem to know way better what to do and what to focus on. I've never been to an XH Magatsu again since then, it just feels like everybody there, despite being 70+ is doing it for the first time.
Maybe I just got into a bad group (three times in a row after restarting, lol). But imo SH Magatsu is way more fun and worth than hammering on the XH one when 4 people leave before the fight even starts.
And with all this Magatsu talk, even tho the fight is mostly going to follow a straight script I gotta say, SEGA knows how to do Boss fights, looking at Dark Falz Elder/Loser. They're really enjoyable and hard at the same time.

Uber Nova X says:

They shoul do that when the ship reaches 100% that u have to fight the leader of the magatsu troup

Zion Lynk says:

+Flyergo hehe, my mom asked me if their is any in game purchases and how much they cost…

ronelm2000 says:

My god that's one huge boss just to get to the core…. D:

BNGBlindWolf says:

I can not seem to get the Sega PC Downloader to get the game to install it. I have 1 but it is old. It tells me I need a new one. Can someone please send my a link to a new version of the downloader thats in a file like winrar or something ( I can not go to the sega site to download it because it will not let me on any of there download pages ). Then I can play the game.

aldino caturrahmanto says:

Dang, its looks like formidable enemy :O

SeabeeGR says:

Jeezes, everyone through everything except the kitchen sink on the BEAST. Looks like an awesome game :-D

Amino MAJ says:

Is this an urgent quest? like killing Dark Falz? 

Sean Yee says:

I'm going to fight this.boss soon I'm a gunner at level 70.and I don't think there are any force class in the team ,is it possible to win?

wing16ho says:

Are you kicking the boss? What weapon is this? I'm a new pso2 player so I don't know what this is.

Helixia Clan says:

The wall would protect you they said.
Hid behind the wall he did.
Died behind the wall he did. 

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