Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst | Gameplay | Ultima Server | Alredix

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This is one of my favorite games of all time! Share this video around if you liked it! I would love to get more people back into this gem!

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Hi! My name is, Alredix! Today I am playing Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst! It is a mouthful but I love it. I grew up with this game and I am so happy to be playing it again. You should check it out too!

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Jody Resnanda says:

Looks fun, might try this out

NanoMapper says:

Part 2 please 😀

StoneMonkWisdom says:

Please make another video of Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst addressing the differences and showing off the different classes and races per class. Also, maybe demo playing with some friends as everyone being a different class together, showing the fun of being in a group.

Blake Piercy says:

I just installed this game and this server. I usually use an Xbox controller when I play PC games, would that work for this game, too?

Christopher Adams says:

yes just yes

It's A Tommy says:

awwwww Yes I love this server. Might upload my video soon :3

The JNK Show says:

Nice video, Really entertaining:)

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