Phantasy Star Portable 2 gameplay 1

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PEQUEÑA demostración del “Phantasy Star Portable 2” para PSP!!!


nestor siron says:

I still have my psp and have a trail verison

DN Ace Mark says:

is that miku?


this game is still online for psp if yuo see me add me im kaheil

Tiny Hitler says:

I had an English version on my PSP, but it broke. I really liked it… Damn.

ElfenDamaLied28 says:

pregunta: el vestuario de Miku ¿También está disponible en la versión de Estados Unidos? 😀

Valeria Beltran says:

hatsune miku PODER PUERRO !!!!!

joel sebastian silva says:

Agregame en el juego

MrChocolate974 says:

@mastros1000 I think it Too

LusoeboMongyi says:

i hate final part!

DeathNote812 says:

if anyone needs help getting onto psn network for hack'd psp's when u download the iso of PSP2

search psnlover (plugin)

MiTzSu says:

@KentaSan17 really tall 🙂

MiTzSu says:

i am downloading the engl version right now hehe

Lemuel Dave says:

i personally don't like the intro music. its kinda cheesy.

TrenzGalestro says:

ok……. what up with Knuckle's gloves doing in the game?! xC

TrenzGalestro says:

….Beautiful Opening…. O.o and for the record i actually the song it matches with it

(during the battle) "Vegetables can kill ya!!" "pun from Jim carry as Riddle from the Batman. 😉 I changed the "coffee" to "vegetables" lol

Raul Sanchez says:

how do u change your equipment..please help.

Argroh says:

@khysnow It's an event item, the Mikumiku Leek. confirmed for the localization.

KentaSan17 says:

lol, your character is tall. :p

PlayLifeX says:

It's Miku lol

Rimfire748 says:

@cristhehuntik it's Japanese actualy…

Cristian Miguel says:

i have the game downloaded in my psp i dont get the freaking chinese so im just trying to see what to do

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