Player Vs. Boss | Episode 33 [THE ANGEL OF DEATH!] Runescape 3 Gameplay

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Here is SonOfAraxxor’s youtube
Player Versus Boss is a Youtube series where I play a game known as Runescape and defeat boss monsters in hopes to get rare pet drops and loot drops. I add up the wealth and drops at the end for each specific boss that I tackle during the current video, and tally up the total boss kills. Thanks for watching! Have a great day!
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Intro Song► Tobu – Colors [NCS Release]
Music Provided by NoCopyrightSounds:
1 ►JPB – High [NCS Release]
2 ►Electro-Light – Symbolism [NCS Release]
3 ►Krys Talk – Fly Away (JPB Remix) [NCS Release]
4 ►Main Reaktor – Recession [NCS Release]
5 ►Umpire – Gravity (feat. Liz Kretschmer) [NCS Release]
6 ►Toxic Hearts – Piece Of Me (Vexento Remix)
7 ►Tobu – Mesmerize [NCS Release]


whywewc says:

So quiet can hardly hear without having to turn up super loud


i loveeeee your videoosss!!!!!!!!! i could screamm it hahaha , so good content and quality keep going <3 and happy birthday <3

Nick Siegel says:

Your 7man team doesn't give extra splits to you for hammering? Most Aod teams with hammers give the hammer 1m extra from each person each split

OhMeshh says:

happy late bday

MrScruffyOne says:

question why is he going so over the top for precise 4 and equilibrium 2???

Cowman Fran says:

Love the new mic, but intro was quiet on this video

Rs Adept says:

wtf all those drops in such low kc? I did 86 kills in the first week of AoD and didn't get a single item throughout, haven't done any more kills since then :/

RS Araxxor says:

Thanks for the plug :p

TimsGamingNation says:

could you link sons of arraxor channel?

Mr Ling says:

is aftershock better than crackling???

Mr Ling says:

your vids are usually quiet but the intro was really quiet

angelo salugao says:

Wats ur skybox filter

Senutna says:

Nice one m8!

michel says:

Nice vid scuzz

sven schouten says:

Great as usual buddie

TsG Something says:

Bro its time to change your intro!

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