Playing Ultima Online AGAIN in 2018 (Nostalgia)

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Revisiting Ultima Online all these years later to see what it’s like today. I picked up UO in ’98 and played for a few years before stopping until playing again in ’05 for a short while on a custom server I believe by UOGamers if I’m not wrong. For those that played before there is some explaining of some basic things for those who may watch that never played but also just kind of myself touching base with everything as I remember it and going through the motions of remembering my first experiences. As we go along we touch base on some memories and I really wish I could have kept more in but the video would be over an hour long. I wanted to talk about the skill gains at the skeleton wall, the role playing PvP orc clan, how PvP actually worked back pre-t2a and going forward, the bounty system, order/chaos wars, the introduction of UO:R, server wars, test server fun, there’s just so much to talk about it could go on forever. Such an amazing game, happy to have found Ultima Online in it’s beginning and played during it’s best times. Most don’t realize it but this game is responsible for so many things MMORPG’s do today.

Anyways, hope you guys enjoy the video!

PS: Apparently there’s a few places throughout the video where the audio almost echos or mirrors my voice for a split second, not sure why that happened but shouldn’t effect the viewing.
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Benjamin Kolls says:

First pick is of the jail that GMs placed you in if you violated game mechanics using it to cheat or some other infractions.
I remember I got placed here once when I learned how to make people's trading items fall to the ground by overloading them.
I was a scam artist at 14 years lol

KkAngel85 says:

when young status nobody will attack you

Timelapse Experimentals says:

Damn dude i fucking miss old school ultima

That shit was so fun, i think i spent my entire summer of 98 playing that literally nonstop

Brian Morgan says:

You can still play… UO: Renaissance is the best free player-run shard. 500+ active players daily. Best time period.

Carl R says:

Any one play Sonoma?

Keshia McEntire says:

my family played this on dial up when I was like 10 or 11 or so and eveytime someone called our house we would get disconnected from the internet … I remember my parents trying to quickly get off the phone and frantically get back on before their body disappeared if they were in a dungeon. good times.

Keshia McEntire says:

my whole family played this game on Great Lakes in the 90's lol. my dad was introduced by a guy a work. nostalgia.

Anthonyg Gordon says:

Yes there was strength requirements. If I can recall, ultima online was not a. Level Up based game but instead of Attribute based game. You had to have a certain amount of strength to wield swords and armor. A certain amount of wisdom to do spells, etc. Instead of grinding and doing missions, you could grind on a punching bag, or fight dummies to up your strength to get stronger. I honestly wish MMOs would bring this type of gaming back. Ultima was the only one to do it that I know of. I played this game back when I was 12 or 13. I am 34 now. Geez. Then I moved on to Anarchy Online, Star Wars Galaxy, then finally World of Warcraft.

tnkw says:

omg.. .I can't believe they changed the game this much… it use to be a hardcore game with countless grinds…. LOL baby mode…

George says:

So on outlands I was macroing peacemaking at the bank unattended Is that against the rules? I was killed by something.

Hohenzollern says:

Shout out to any Pacific Homies out there.

Right about the time Diablo (the first one) was the thing my buddy showed up with this game. It was Diablo MMO on steroids. Fell in love instantly, and my bud (neighbor) set up an intercom system through our phone lines so we could communicate out of game while playing, giving us a huge advantage. Had some great times for a year or two. Then EverQuest happened and UO died (right about the same time trammel happened.)

I was GorGreybeard, but still remember some of the old crew. Autoexec.bat was the first PK i met, and he taught me quite a bit. Was a good guy even though he was a red. Then met Ronald McDonald, who ran a large pvp guild, and was the big guy on our server. He even ran a UO related websight ( and he for some reason befriended me in our first encounter. Every time his guild showed up to roll through a dungeoun, they'd have me run distraction or recon (i stayed a blue cuz my PC was too slow at first) and I'd walk out of that with so much loot. Befriending huge PVP guilds had it's perks. Garage Sale was another red that i met as a complete newb. I had no way to heal myself, and he attacked me. I was able to put up a fight (apparently) because afterwards he said "man what a great fight, here's yer stuff back, and here's my ICQ number." That game was just all kinds of fun. Made so many online friends, and the majority of them all joined me on EQ Veeshan.

Recently picked up Rust, because the gameplay looks very similar. PVP, easy come easy go loot, Houses, but very little PVE. And not exactly a fantasy setting, but still the same kind of play. We'll see if it really matches up though in time on the social aspect.

Emmanuel Ellis says:

Man! This brings back memories! I used to play in Minoc and got PKed all of the time in the mines. You forgot to mention about moving piles of ore by mouse dragging only to have someone else click take it. Also, don't forget about people gating in monsters into town from dungeons or people getting killed by town guards then everyone looting the corpse. It was truly what online bulling was about. So many players cried about how hard the game was because of losing lives, items, houses, boats that they changed the game to accommodate the whining. Most games today are pay to win and there is no point in playing them when you can buy endgame items.

8bit Goonies says:

UO is still one of my favourite gaming experiences of all time, Napa valley anyone? Recdu rescu my friends

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