PREPARE FOR WARP SPEED | Star Trek: Bridge Crew VR (Vive Gameplay) ft. Joshdub, Rowdyguy and VRVault

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Prepare for warp, Engage when ready! We are going to play Star Trek Bridge Crew with Joshdub, Rowdyguy and Gus from VRVault.

This VR simulator game let’s you discover the Star Trek universe with your Oculus Touch, HTC Vive or PSVR. Ingame you can team up with a crew of four players to serve in the roles of Captain, Helm, Tactical and Engineer. You and your friends will have to make smart decisions and overcome challenges like communication, trust, and close crew coordination to fly the Starship Enterprise to victory.

Check it out on Ubisoft VR’s website:

Bridge Crew:


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Nathie says:

Prepare for warp, Engage when ready! Here's my VR review on Star Trek: Bridge Crew. █-)

FluffKing 04 says:

Please play more of this!!!

jonas spjuth says:

hi nathie maybe check out pavlove agen more maps now dust2 and 3 goldeneye maps and Rust from cod MW2 alot of fun now =)

Hidden History with Funkman says:

possible stupid question Nathie but are all the people you are playing this game with have the same type of VR that you are using? Like can someone with Vive play with someone using PSVR?

John Glass says:

Honest opinion, is the Vive or Oculus better and for what reasons

Will Mackintosh says:

HOLY SHIT!! Been here since 3K man… Where has time gone?!? Well done on 200k!

Jakob Burell says:

play windlands pls

G80 GZT says:


Dark Foxy12 says:

ho a realy good coop game !! 😀

Cade Johnson says:

The USS Troll Trace

Cade Johnson says:

They've gone to plaid!

Diane Shannon says:

love you bro haven't seen you in decades $!@

ViperSniper says:

has anyone ever mentioned how amazing your leather jacket is

Skyspadicy Begy says:

I watching now your video

Jamesneil Bayarcal says:

hey that's fun

Denis Marchetto says:

Hello nathie:thank you so much for playing Star Trek bridge crew it was one of the games I was looking for to seeing on your channel and it is the game that makes you want to pick up headset in the first place before all the other cool stuff came out. If any DLC comes out please showed off on the channel. We try next is something called xark it's an early access it looks interesting it's on steam here's the link×1080.jpg?t=1492472607

jason prevo says:

Hey… You sound like like the guy from Salt Lake City Punks… Best Movie ever!

Cas and Chary VR says:

What a crew!

The mighty Link says:

More! It's really fun to watch you guys play

Neuvron - Virtual Reality says:

This is a perfect example of a sneaky sneaky bridge crew, well done fellas! o/

Ал Ант says:

Today I
continue to introduce you to my project, a platform for virtual reality
"Circle of virtual displacement" or "COVD".

Shadow Gaming says:

Nathie! Im back sorry for not being here! Just going to say your the best and persuaded me to by a HTC Vive myself which is great! Please do more collabs you guys are great together. Keep up the good work!

Sidcrafter valkenhoff says:

i love joshdub he is my kinde of hummor 😀

iMi Graal says:

playing vr games with Nathie is my dream

iMi Graal says:

I can't believe I watched the whole video

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