Ragnarok Online Mobile: Novice Gameplay

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This is video preview for Novice gameplay in in Ragnarok Online Mobile developed by Xindong.


Harry Arceo (Spee) says:

what emulator are you using?

Neonell Leen says:

jangan lupa temui saya Neonell ..jumpa Anda disana!!..

ละเละตุ้มป๊ะ ล่ะละตุ้มป๊ะ (เบิร์ดคุง) says:


Budi Agung says:

is this game based on ragnarok 1 with a good graphic or based on ragnarok 2?
i only play ragnarok 1 bcause ragnarok 2 is suck

Jerico Cruz says:

Goosebumps.. when is this going Globally this is going to break History on Every Game

Muhamad Akmal says:

how to dl this game woi? arghhhh

John Huet says:

can I see swordsman job change to knight class

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