Raiderz – Gameplay 2013

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This video is for people who are new to the game or haven’t played this game. I’m making short and simple review here, just 10 list, including my likes, dislike, and things you don’t know about this game.

1. What I like about this game is Customization. I’m not talking about making a character. I”m talking about changing the way you look. They have custom items, and you can even buy any armor from the store and make it a custom. 😀 There are dyes in this game, meaning you can change color of your different armor body parts. Also, there are some Mounts you can pick which color you want.

2. What I dislike about this game are those annoying bots and spammers. They are like cockroaches. GM steps on them, but another one comes out. Atleast, they just patched it yesterday so bots spammers can’t spam and it kinda helped.

3. What I find it interesting, is when you kill mobs they drop body parts. They can be weapons, buffs, and other odd consumable items. Like you can eat small frogs and drink beer. o.o

4. Cash shop expensive =/ and not enough items in cash shop.
5. What you don’t know. When other people’s review mention grindy game. It’s not. =/ It’s actually more of QUEST based. Here’s why, quest gives 3x times amount of exp then killing mobs for exp. When you think, kill 50 monsters, in raiders it’s different. You kill only about 9 or 12 and that’s it. Most will agree with me, leveling is quite fast in this game. Quest are rewarding too. They give mats, not just exp, but also money, a decent fair amount of money.

6. There are bots that grind on mobs, you can tell the difference. It’s been improving, I noticed not many I see anymore. GM do ban them, and pls report if you see one, send a ticket.
7. What I like about this game, are the community. A lot of people are friendly, some are willing to help you. I’ve experienced it myself, high levels helping low levels. But that is not always the case, I mean there are some who only care about themselves, stuck up.

8. I dislike it, when quest can be so frustrating.
9. Game is lacking. All I can say. Although it’s only been 2 months, there are things that need to be improve. Such as Trade Market, unorganized. Not enough slots in storage. Not enough items in cash shop that can benefit you.
10. Last, this game require skill. You can actually block attacks, dodge skills, counter attack your opponent.etc.. This game is not standing still and spam keyboards. Hoping you will win xD There are different kinds of combo or chain skills, not really in pve, but a must if you plan to PvP.

Thanks for watching and this vid are in mid-high level areas. Most gameplay vids are in low level areas or tutorial island as I call it. xD


Joao Miguel Anjos says:

bunny ears!? really?

Brass Munkey says:

i wouldnt think it really mattered where u played it called GAMEPLAY just at least to thats what it means O.o

Vannxz STAMPEDE says:

that's right 🙂

DunNeen says:

i heard this game works without locking on to a target? like monster hunter kind of, is this true?

Tremwire says:

"This video is for people who are new to the game or haven't played this game." how is a lvl 30 dungeon run and fooling around in a city any good for people new to the game? shouldnt you show like basic gameplay of a new toon, or the creation screen, maybe the process of doing a single quest, the dodge/combat ? seems to me this is just a screw around promotional video of your character.. nothing more…

NigaKillaz says:

Map of raiderz really suck, the positionings are really inaccurate. Seriously

craf draf says:

low specs! i know that feeling bro T.T thats why warcraft 3 is my fav game HAHAHA

Alan Shin says:

thanks for the review. i needed something like this 😀

Vannxz STAMPEDE says:

This is actually in the lowest settings. My computer can't handle high graphics, and Raiderz is completely opposite of PW. one word, this leveling game is quite fast.

Lancelot Moore-Yorke says:

this looks like a polished PW, i hate that game

Vannxz STAMPEDE says:

yeah low specs xD I have poor computer.

Shelby Grossman says:

My gawd, wtf did you do to the graphix? Crank the settings way down?

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