RaiderZ PvP Shigure Gameplay Mt Eda

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Hi all, here is a pvp gameplay with & vs Buff HP

Sound: Fairy tail OST Collection

Thanks all for watching!!!


PRONT says:

I know nothing about the game but see so many stun a result, it does not make me want to play: (

ツThomy says:

any Spanish ablation because if and seeking a Latin server and if you're wondering as desir ago for all this is that I search in gogle translator sialguno me design it agradeseria munch 🙂

Dalgyal says:

what's the level cap now? 

ProTechGamerz says:

how do you get that regeneration buff? anyone tell me?

KING Samurie says:

btw how to buff hp?

SorvixPvP says:

Name of the first song please? Great video.

Evilhero117 says:

That end was perfect. I'm gonna check your channel more decide whether to subscribe to you or not

Eldine Raiderz says:

Also the mad eye great sword does more damage than the great sword from the hermit.

Eldine Raiderz says:

What gears do you have? A

BoojaxD says:

You know a berserker is there to do damage. and when can i he the most? when the enemy doesnt move.

Relock Edit says:

Indeed my boy!

Gems/Aero says:

ahaha fairy tail ftw

Kyle Yang says:

First of all, okay PVP skills but you got UW buff which makes everything so much easier to kill and you are also PVPing in norm eda where newbies learn to PVP. This isn't skill at all since i did the same….

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