Reckful revisits Asheron's call

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Scott Tinney says:

Dude is so full of shit, and extra as fuck. How anyone who liked AC watches this tool is beyond me.

wil318466 says:

"the dagashi" checking in.

nharj says:

19:05 how is this skill at all, its just spamming bullshit you cant even see whats going on half the time

anton bacon says:

In a game funk try Kenshi.

Fictional Number says:

Way too obnoxious and loud.

meocats says:

that was pretty hot for back then

plee227 says:

Asheron's Call was so amazing. True open world sandbox mmo… I still remember finding my first portal to some underground dungeon, fighting my way through drudges and then finding an Ice Dachi waiting for me at the end. Afterwards running into town to then start an all out 20 people brawl since everyone was trying to kill each other trying to get it (full loot pvp).

rio d says:

The PK and anti-PK dichotomy was interesting. I remember that game for certain cities showing an example of how a successful Anarchy would be in society.

GreenTeaZombie says:

"So you try league of legends, even though you never wanted to play it" LOL!

John Dennis says:

I don't know man, I think Meanstreak was better than you 😉

S Dj says:

Hahahahahahhahahahahahahhahaa. Omg. Sorry but looooool

KnobheadRacing says:

Hearing the spell sounds again was almost physically painful. The nostalgia when I think about AC is unreal. By far my favorite game I've ever played. Wish I could go back…

Osama Walrus says:

holy fuck this chat was toxic as fuck

sub lime says:

It's funny how good that Mattekar coat was. 8)

Sebastian Lucas says:

i hate watching vods, the chat is just cancer and it takes up a third of the shit i actually want to see

Psykonaut says:

Wow streamers just say the same story over and over dont they

McAwesome01 McAwesome01 says:

Here in Greece i still download game 450kb/s Feelsbadnman im living in 2005

Jonathan Henry says:

This video makes me so happy!! And guess what? Reckful AKA Anti Parazi as I knew him for over 10 years in Asherons Call before he got famous WAS HANDS DOWN THE BEST AC player. I remember countless 1v4 or 1v5s where he would be level 69 and everyone else was 120+
And he would demolish them! Don’t ever doubt this mans Skill!!!

Tristan Knarr says:

never heard of this game till right now but I'd literally watch reckful play this everyday if he did

dsf fds says:

I remember seeing like 10 seconds of "gameplay" of this game in some kind of E3-Summary video on an old Gamestar(which is a game magazine) CD back in 2002 or so… It looked completely different.

Mrfiufaufou says:

You can hear from those guys how jealous they are, holy shit how sad.

HanCholo says:


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