Return of Reckoning Private Server First Impressions

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I take a look at Warhammer Return to Reckoning Private Server! Now please note that this is still in Alpha phase, so expect some bugs/glitches. Anyways enjoy my first impresions of it!

Return of Reckoning’s Website:


h4rn15h says:

can you recover your old account that you used on the original game and access your old characters?

fila365 says:

I cannot install the client, after clicking warpatch.exe nothing happens!

Roy Stanly says:

Can't wait to play – I really miss Warhammer and playing online.  It was really a good game but I guess WoW took it out like it did a bunch of other games.  Thank God for private servers!!!

Samiiilo says:

Lmao, that introduction with the Gyrocopter. You couldn't of said this is combat at a worse time…

I'm sold, downloading it now anyway. xD

TheBencher says:

If you recorded with Shadowpla you can fix the colors with Sony Vegas or Adobe.Its just a filter

John Wason says:

Downloaded and played reckoning today. So far it's run pretty smoothly. Only have had 1 bugged quest so far

Casey McCullen (Templar Knight of Christ) says:

Can You Give me a List of steps on how to install this game? whenever I download the launcher and typed in my Username and Password and I click connect: Nothing Happens. :(

EQOAnostalgia says:

With youtube you just have to keep at it man. I know how you feel about losing motivation. It sucks when you get very little views for your effort but if you keep at it you WILL start to build up an audience.

Ioulum says:

750+ player when i played RoR last night.

BlueMonday says:

there are some bugs, but overall, the game is working just fine, nice video!

doomblackdragon says:

nice video man. Keep up the work. Look forward to seeing more videos of warhammer.

UltraTrixs Gaming says:

great video, can't wait til you get into RvR I'm playing a zealot Atm it's rly fun, ir would be awesome to quest sometime :)

UltraTrixs Gaming says:

great video, can't wait til you get into RvR I'm playing a zealot Atm it's rly fun, ir would be awesome to quest sometime :)

TheGreenGamer says:

Play more please. I loved it back in the day. How much of the game is out

Probey says:

Nice Video man 🙂 i just heard about return of rekoning and i cant wait to get bacj into the game

Shannon Giasson says:

Wow I really hope these guys do good with this I absolutely loved war, I pre-ordered and played for 8 months great game

TheBenzooh says:

I want the original level 1 zones.

Khornedevotee says:

Oh man what memories. :O I remember going through these areas with new characters all the time. x) So many years ago. Must be over 8 years ago.

YHVHohNo1 says:

I loved WAR, so glad they made a private server. It still needs some work but i still want to try and encourage people to populate it 😀 Come have some fun

lilsabin says:

pretty plz , tell me , are you using something to make your graphics so nice ?

nowfel ahmed says:

hollow i am a fan of warhammer how do i get the game & how do i get into the private server please ?????

djreaper says:

i got to work ty sorry  i like order

djreaper says:

the launcher say that

djreaper says:

it say error     access to the patch/warhammer online/download/warhammeronline-age of reckoning denied

djreaper says:

it will pop up then it go away then it still say unauthorized access exception

djreaper says:

it look like it torrent files

djreaper says:

im extracting all the the files to winrar

KeelerPlays says:

It should already be winrar then you extract all winrar files to a folder

djreaper says:

do i extract the files to winrar

djreaper says:

it pop up then it go away

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