Returning To Fallen Earth, Still Worth Playing? (2017 Gameplay)

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After making the top 20 forgotten mmos I remembered Fallen Earth and wanted to check it out again. And so is it still worth playing? You decide!

Wanna play fallen earth?

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GreenwoodChubby says:

I have played this game a few times back in the day but got a sudden urge to start playing it again 🙂 Might start playing again

neggit says:

Where can I find MMORPG FPS like this or Borderlands?
been having a hard time

Clinton Byers says:

sir if you wanted to play with me i would show you the game my self ive played the game sents 2010 and i love the game dearly my steam proflie is

aroa perez says:

So much people " banned" by reason " bad behaviur", probably thats the point game started to decrease.
Dunno if gms will take into consideration to give " second chance" to everyone who was kicked out from game because drama or someday used any insults in game………….
who knows!!, game always had potential to be a great game and still have.

Start this game from 0 is very dificult, players need learn alot first for enjoy game, here enters clan system and help from other players for making game interesting and adictive.

UnoWild says:

I still play this, while making Mods for Fallout4.
A lot of good ideas in this game 🙂

Eal WorldMC says:

f2P but you cannot fully access everything =_= Demn its Premium still not f2p wasted my time download., time to go back to flyff(Old But Gold everything is fully access no Premium its f2p you just need to donate so the server will not shutdown)

HoVeR WoLF Motivation says:

I regret downloading this game now 😀 ……
Animation and combat system need to be replaced, so bad.

Grummsh00 says:

Grateful that you are looking over one of my favourite mmos. Some additional info:
– Your sound balance is definitely off. Turn your voice-over up to match everything else, then lower all volumes if you feel you need to.
11:12 loot rights go to whoever does the most damage. Since it was one of the the npcs that did the most to that corpse you couldn't loot it and your avatar made that comment. As you discover later, If there are flies buzzing above a kill you can loot it.
25:11 to sheath all weapons hit ctrl+(zero)
27:52 You are correct; you need to actually craft in the tradeskill to get points in it.
29:22 Clinton Farm is a couple of kilometers away! You didn't really have enough time to appreciate how big the world actually is.
Your assessment is completely fair, especially for the short amount of time that you were in it. It's a decent mmo/fps hybrid that deserves more of a community. Thanks for reviewing it.

stefanw1337 says:

I think the sounds you took down all the way is the characters normally speaking, and it seems that since the lady that speaks over the speakers can't be turned down. They're loud because they're over the speakers and probably since they added it after the game was released maybe they aren't a part of the volume controls at all, which seems a bit weird and bugged.

Game is really underrated, even weeks after release. It's a good concept, but you're using a lot of time scavenging to craft stuff you constantly need, for quests and bullets for all the different guns you got. So it got a bit repetetive for me, and the dungeons aren't instance I think.

Revenge Gaming says:

Love your videos man. Let's connect to do a collab sometime?

Demon Knight says:

ctrl+0 to holster your weapons. To increase your Tradeskills you need to craft items. The only tradeskill that cannot be increase by crafting is scavenging.

MitovoGames says:

Man I checked this out around its release, and was really impressed with what they were going for. The introduction was very well done. Loved the crafting system. Loved a lot about it, but yeah it had its quirks.

I know it went through a rough period for a while, it was picked up by a different company, etc.

Kind of expected it to be shut down before long, to be honest. Not bashing the game by saying that. It just didn't seem to be doing well.

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