Returning To Lineage 2, Still Worth Playing 2017

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aljosa raketic says:

this dude is noob,also NC soft destroyed Lineage.

Ch1Frequency says:

The game that made me fall in love for it… and then rage quit when my ubersword got broken 🙁

tasos dalatsoudis says:

you dont even know how this game dont know basic things .you havent play ever.and kamael… there is only healer and no mage at all.a dislike from me.

locustschfer says:

i miss this game. the one that waste my life 🙁

audrz z says:

Very good game..but problem is too many servers.. too many people playing this game.and because of that it brings thing like creators had to make expensive thing like 120servers on one web like runescape ..and some kind donation mode. It would be almost good as league or cs go. But well hard to control bugs ,cheats in this kinda game. And also they fk'ed up after c6 …and they made major mistake not putting legendary items in drops only raid bosses.. they could put atleast 0.0010. Give people hope that it is possible to become god as solo player. Well everything has start and end i quess . But anyway you still can enjoy this game in private servers 1000x . Because begginers just get destroyed in low rates ,and admins just sell out things early in the not worth playing. Even in officials.. if u still want enjoy playing take a shoot in 100x+ rates. (I wouldn't mind if they sell out things like points or adena. But they sell out rb,that is too much)

krum1985 says:

Played this a bit back in the day as well, got back into it again a couple of years ago now, but the amount of bots made me quit after only a few weeks…

ZeroCoolRomania says:


Alphaknight2012 says:

Did you really play L2? Not knowing what soul shots are and what they do makes me seriously doubt it.

LordC says:

I don't believe I can play game now but thanks for showing us

Angel Zlatanov says:

The only l2 is worth playing is l2 classic. This thing you played on the video is complete shit for tons of reasons.

Anilea Noriel says:

L2 is very CPU dependent. GPU doesn't matter much.

Bradford Smith says:

Best pvp game ever…scripts and bots ruined it for me and as much as I want to come bk but no thx

Steve Phrasavath says:

Alright & thanks!

Oskar Mihalovic says:

clean p2w, no drop in game, infinity lvling, full bot and srcript pvp… if you like that …play it

Tam M says:

Sure. Let's see more.

Clobberstomp - Lineage 2 & More! says:

Lineage 2 is still one of the best MMO RPG's out there. Good video.

Marius Gudzinskas says:

up to interlude it was fantastic, but from there it went downhill, and these days its not even lineage anymore

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