Rift ✪ RETURN OF THE WARRIOR! ✪ Reaver Warrior PvP Gameplay

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Rift (previously known as Rift: Planes of Telara and as Heroes of Telara before that while still in alpha testing) is a fantasy free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by Trion Worlds. Rift takes place within the fantasy world of Telara. Two competing factions, composed of a selection of races and classes, battle each other and the enemies who emerge from dynamic “rifts”.

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My Characters:
Warrior: Grimok@Wolfsbane
Rogue: Grimuk@Deepwood
Mage: Grimak@Hailol
Cleric: Grimek@Greybriar

Music Provided by Youtube Creation Tools
Song used: Last Dawn and Hot Heat

Rift Gameplay used with permission by Trion Worlds as stated here: http://community.riftgame.com/en/2013/12/20/quick-note-on-videos-lets-plays-and-youtube/


Kimahri Ronso says:

Great build as always!!!! lol. Thanks for all the help Grim. Between your build guides and hints and tips RIFT has gotten easier for me. iI look forward to raiding with you maybe. Hit me up.

JV Calif says:

i like you song 🙂 after you sing off

kloakenskansen says:

Maybe get a better PC ? :)

MMOByte says:

Awesome video! 🙂 Awaiting the next big expansion for Rift!

Cobalt Cactus says:

What UI mods do you have?

Dave D says:

Hey Grim….always cool videos.  Ive tried to show peeps a heavy burst single target reaver hybrid spec for pvp but they make fun of me and lower my self esteem..  makes me cry 8(……..but give  54 Reaver 17 Paragon 5 tempest a try.  I challenge you to find a higher pvp ranged warrior dps spec with 100% mobility and almost uninterruptible spec. 30 to 50k burst is common every 21 sec and 50% crit to hit.   Sinister Intent is over looked with its synergy with paragon.Baabadook@Deepwood            Nalfeshee@Deepwood

Kuick “Kraitin” says:

I saw this video, made me want to play your reaver spec, got 10-0 in a codex, maybe I underestimated your pvp build since the day I saw your guide a while back. (I've been playing warlord recently to get ready for 3.7)


TheKeepor says:

pb toggle for ae/st? second breakfree? PA pvp jump? Blood Thirsty/Killing Spree + Recon Vial? PA defend?

eDDy L says:

i loved low lvl warfronts and now it does not fire at all

Lemuhrs C. says:

Since i started a new charcter ive qued for pvp every time ive got on now level 43 still havent even got in 1 pvp match

Vincent Compere says:

I love your work so much ! I don't understand why you don't have more view :/ I often talk about you to my friend ^^
Hi from Brisesol eu !

Brandon Walker says:

Lol, "RETURN OF THE WARRIOR" then plays a warrior version of necro/lock….Rift melee is just booty now especially warriors.

Xclusive says:

I want to be just like you!!!! You rekt us!!!!

Averwinge says:

Quality video, I like the buttons. You should try separating your abilities out of macros though, if you can play your class right it adds a LOT of dps.

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