Rift | First Impressions | Is It Worth Playing | Gameplay & Review 2017 | HD 60FPS

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Rift brought a lot of amazing things to the table when it was release and was quite enjoyable right out of the gate. So what has become of it in the last several years? We decided to load it up and find out.


MrTylerMatyas says:

I played this game back in 2014 and I just so happened to pop back into it in the last two weeks, so it's really odd to find this video and hear you guys say the exact same things I said about it. It's a really cool game, and I want to play it, but I damn near require a group of friends to be able to do so. I'm roughly level 30 and there are so few people (Granted it is 7 am for me, so most people are probably asleep/not playing Rift) but MAN does it feel empty.

Iconic Warrior Gaming says:

I enjoyed Rift when it first came out. The game hasn't aged well. The RIfts and the adventures are to repetitive. They need to modernize rift. It was created to battle WoW but when you compare WoW 2017 vs Rift 2017 there is no comparison lol. Currently playing GW2. It is hard to go back to Rift after Legion or Path of Fire. They need an overall maybe remake rift in unreal engine.

EnergyBlack 99 says:

Somone wunts to play this game with me im lvl 51 warrior tank im so bored alnonee,
Eu serverr
Wussy is nick name first shard xd

Kirka Durka says:

Two people in one first impressions?! I don't think I've seen a video with that. I liked it a lot.

realityorfiction says:

mounts, although they are nice, ruined WOW. Rift doesn't need them.

challengerman77 says:

duracell was so much fun

zoovoo says:

we try to play rift 3 days ago.. the game is cool the big problem is super low pop and the patron too expensive

T Time says:

How much is this game

Paul Sherrard says:

This game was incredible when it came out – it really felt like a living world with tons to do. I'd love for it to see a resurgence in population to bring me back, but I've accepted that probably won't happen. Too bad you guys didn't get to try PvP, as Rift did have some compelling PvP play back in the day. The customization options were so good – there's nothing like being a flame-thrower wielding rogue! If you have the time, give it till endgame, try out what's there, and also give the housing features a try – pretty impressive what people have built in that game.

Lucas Gaming Age says:

ya i remember how the rift event blowed my mind, It was amazing, i was trying to make my friends play rift but they went back to wow 🙁 now im playing archeage again because of your videos and trying Black desert online because it seems much deeper and with a lot of knowledge, interesting npc stories and much more but sadly my computer can only run it on 8-26fps 🙁 greetings from Argentina.

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