Rookie PvP Video part 1 (Asheron's Call)

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Video from 2007, Asheron’s Call PvP. DL it off my youtube page (on the left) for better quality and original music. Called “Rookies new pvp video”. PS Fuck copyright


_bbg_ says:

That nostalgia.

kaYboi8o8 says:

This song was much better than the original, now I can actually watch the video without being annoyed and enjoy your skills

RookieAC says:

blame youtube copyright

link to original video is on my homepage anyway

Alacress says:

For once, I'm happy about the copyright enforcement. This video is a hell of a lot more enjoyable with actual music.

I don't know how you guys listen to that "gangsta" rap bullshit.

RookieAC says:

fuck copyright

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