Runes of Magic Gameplay – First Look HD

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Runes of Magic is a fantasy free to play MMORPG. Explore the world of Taborea, a magical and dangerous world full of wonders and ancient mysteries. for the best free MMORPG and MMO Games.

Every First Look is filled with informative gameplay showcasing each game´s character creation menu, a breakdown of individual classes, some early PvE and PvP content and other features. In the end the main goal of the video is to share our first impressions of the game.

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Drianikaben says:

lol you are playing during the Silk Festival.  One of the few events that was good.

Erythrox Game says:

OMFG … i Play WoW and RIFT, and Rift is 100% Free to Play. and looks like 10 million times better

Tim Justus 2: electric boogaloo says:

oh man I hate when my evil tumor acts up lemme tell ya

♞ Go Fuck Yourself ♞ says:

I'd rather pay to play WoW if I had to choose a bad game to waste my time on…

BQuillaDood says:

this is not the great deal…

killahurts says:

Really your bashing on IF he has ADD and his swallowing?! I just want to know who peed in you pocket…

iwasapro says:

you make no sense retard

raydredX says:

"And constantly is swallowing which is a sign of lying"
That simply destroyed all my intention to investigate.

Honeyball Lecter says:

yeah he's such a prick

Joshua Lai says:

Hey what did he type?

♞ Go Fuck Yourself ♞ says:

The female rogue looks like a cheap slut…

♞ Go Fuck Yourself ♞ says:

*writes one line of code in game maker 6*
"Yay. I'm such a programmer!!!"
~First time on the internet kid…

ThisAppCanBrake says:

he made me laugh. props to Chhipz!

ThisAppCanBrake says:

no you not..programers are usually know how to type at least.

VesTriBang says:

People only hate this game cause they play WoW and are bliz fanboys

newland pencilnut says:

runes of magic is pretty crap…

mONEyGaming says:

Barack Obama pwned your troll ass.

RaionPlays says:

@Vorgent Go die.

Vorgent Forsaken says:

MMOBOMB.COM Really needs to get rid of Chhipz if you all ready haven't, this guy is absolutly obnoxious! Not to mention worthless, I would also say he has a major case of ADD, watch the mouse it will constantly spin it in circles. He also just plain talks shit and has no idea what he is talking about and is very annoying. And constantly is swallowing which is a sign of lying. If you have ever paid attention to any of the videos he's done you will notice it he does it in all his videos. Idiot!

Lytening says:

nice comment XD

VoiceinVoid says:

Very nice come back give you credit where credit is due 😀

ThePoshZombie says:

I couldn't stop laughing at your comment xD

Ivan Alexander says:

He was actually right.I tried a lot of mmorpgs,and of course if you decide to pay you are going to have exclusive items,wich cannot be obtained unless paying and wich spoil the game.

MudGuts says:

That game sucks

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