Runes of Magic – Knight / Priest Gameplay

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Gameplay of a Knight / Priest on Runes of Magic

The songs are:
2PM – Puttin’ On The Ritz
Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit (Remix by Nari and Milani and Alex Gaudino)


Buutenks says:

Cant believe its been 5 years.

MrShaun42088 says:

Good remix of Puting on the Ritz….. doesn't go so well with this game though???

GiGi Herc says:

warrior/priest=like paladin retribution(warrior isn't a tank class that's why he is like retri)
knight/priest=paladin protection(tank=knight)
priest/knight=paladin healer(you need priest as main class to be a healer)

Minez - SirZomb says:

I hope u all agree that this game is awesome ;3 im scout/rogue that powns BIG dps

TimeMaster01 says:

@TheRufio12 yes

Papja says:

First song is amazing really i love this song

kingcobraowns says:

ive played this game b4 and played scout/knight and i also played rouge/pruest

matija167 says:

knight/priest = paladin

BringingTheBest1 says:

that first song was slightly disturbing, but then again the second song made up for it:)

TheRealSpoony says:

80's music…w00t lol

Marrow says:

@Smacchi0 I've would say 23-25…those dwarfs came to slow to death…

xghost22 says:

wait whats better priest knight or knight priest or does it matter?

Brad Digel says:

@puren00b768 Hes lvl 35

Smacchi0 says:

@puren00b768 I don't remember, sorry

chris morningstar says:

@DeoGuy only get the general and elites

chris morningstar says:

@EchidnaMob on some classes yes

EchidnaMob says:

can u move while ur attacking an enemy like in wow?

pookies21 says:

how do you change to your primary to secondary class to get xp. Everyone one says something about house but i dont understand

Drazinz says:

Don't care, i play both WoW & RoM cuz of graphics, sure WoW looks good but it ain't free like RoM :)

Anders Busted says:

@alfdhan it's the dual class system this was first seen in guildwars i think thats what he/she means :p

Halfdan Black says:

@egliath Not Guild Wars man. I've seen Guild Wars and its awesome. This has nothing to do with Guild Wars. This game is not even close to Guild Wars. And btw..I never played Guild Wars, just seen it.

billy nguyen says:

bad graphic make a better one now !!!!!!

Oni0n Principle says:

class combo 100 posto, music zero

LeBronze James says:

knight priest is like a paladin in wow

levi says:

can i play this on a DELL dimension 3100

Baker603 says:

@bobboomshakaboom Fred Astaire – Putting on the Ritz, Is the real singer of this song.

BurneyBoyy says:

Look, to all those WoW players, its not that we cant afford the game itself. Its that who would wanna play a game that isnt even as good as a free RoM, and you have to pay for it? Plus it takes up more memory. Thanks. – *~* Aburney*~*

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