Runes of Magic – Vale of Rites (HM) 3 – 5 boss fights – War / Mage

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Playing with my “new” toy =) Impatient to knock down VoR with 6.


brock babinall says:

what server is the best to play on

Xenoo TV says:

This game will always have a place in my best experiences. although i haven't played in years has anything changed in the higher ups and lack of new ideas in content

SoulStealerShinobi says:

it is sad that i no longer play this game with magnificent people

Regenesis Gaming says:

I absolutely loved playing this game years ago. One of the true classics!

Firecloud20 says:

this game looks really boring for some reason, it was recommended on curse voice but meh.

taxiRom says:

ese nyo ^^ buen video 🙂

manuel says:

uii!!! el bordillo del último jajajaja

Scar Let says:

take damage food, it's better 😉

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