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RuneScape may be the biggest MMO that TheHiveLeader has never played. I think it’s time we change that with a two part series covering RuneScape! This is Part 2: New School or RuneScape 3 or whatever. TheHiveLeader is wrapping up his adventures in RuneScape with the new-ish kid on the block. Does this version hold up to the Old School version? Which is better? I dunno. Let’s find out!

RuneScape is a browser-based fantasy MMORPG from Jagex Ltd. that has been around in some form since 2001. The game takes place in the divided land of Gielinor, where players can create their characters and advance through quests and monster hunting. While there is an overarching storyline, RuneScape is very non-linear, and includes minigames, events, guilds, PvP, and more.
Although RuneScape’s roots are old, the game has had several incarnations, with each new version replacing the old. RuneScape HD, for example, a major overhaul, was released in 2008. While the basic game is free to download and play, it is limited, and a subscription will net a player more frequent (and exclusive) content updates, a player home, the ability to play full screen (free users are limited to a windowed client), and more advantages. An item shop is also available for cosmetic items.


rob lucy says:

I think it’s all nostalgia

Sam M says:

i played runescape like over 10 years ago, and then once again when old school came out. I kept thinking that RS3 seemed like too much to learn and i didnt feel like learning all this new stuff, but when twitch gave free membership i said fuck it, and went into it. I really liked RS3, its really comfortable for returning players, the quests are fun to do, its actually really fun to play RS3, arguably more than old school. I wish new mmos were alot more like runescape just with a more archeage feel. Quests that actually make me want to do them, skills that have more variety and feel more worth doing.

SADGASM悲しい says:

if you like massive clan battles play OSRS, if you like graphics play new school

Latin Kuro says:

it comes down to time investment, most people (me included) don't have that many hours to invest in archaic slow systems anymore. That said instant gratification is what needs to be avoided. Striking a balance between time invested, so we feel invested and accomplished, while not forcing people to grind but also not accomplishing things in 5 minutes.
Yeah, this is why it's hard for developers to get a handle on this, the sweet spot varies from person to person. Me, personally my sweet spot is around the 45 minute mark, force me to grind past that point and it becomes unacceptable very quickly. That said, I also expect content difficulty to decrease or increase the time investment sweet spot, for example, I invested a full 6 months in Guild Wars 2 so I could rock full legendary armor and weapons. The feeling after I was done is still with me today.

Tritega says:

Old School is still <3 New School is not my style. I am from the past 😀 Those who love New School keep playing it if you love it <3

moodycannon says:

oldschool is mostly for the pvp aspect

m16 says:

Old school is still better

Eragonfrost says:

Next episode please

Eragonfrost says:

Excited for this series I subbed

KillYourMind. says:

Is RS3 fun for non members? I feel like osrs has no content for f2p players. Once you complete all of the quests, reach some level goals theres nothing to do or explore. So I was wondering is it the same with RS3? Are there a lot of f2p quests? PvE content? Bosses? Goals?

҉K҉N҉ I҉G҉HT҉F҉ I҉ ҉R҉Ế҉6҉6҉ says:

lol you pretend like they throve the exp into your face… its still hard work to get to 99 or 120… you still need double exp weekends and events to get enough exp.. else its impossible…

Carl Poppa says:

rs3 is better hands down, old school is for players who don't know how to use keyboards for mmos

Vertigo Immanotgonnatellya says:

Your tools can be placed in your toolbox, the ones that magically appeared are just the basic starter hatchet, tinderbox, and axe

Phoenix Nest says:

The sword on the characters back looks just like a sword in swtor's cash shop

Vincent Trujillo says:

You are plainly awesome, Mr. HiveLeader.

Gooblah redneck says:

Dclaw, Mcmraindor, Demonic Null, Dklaw… Some of my old "files".
I'm debating about coming back in to RS. Would it be worth it to go straight back into a member status, from scratch?
By the way, the Goblin scene.
That made you a new subscriber/follower. I giggled a little too much when the historical screams blurted out.
I also may have 'instant relayed' it a few times..

Chef Excellence says:

I found RS3 super easy, especially as you can buy gold. Made an ironman and never looked back. To me it is the perfect balance of convenience, and satisfying gameplay when it comes to reaching your goals.

Nimbl says:

Great Video Sir. You were asking the right questions and you didnt have an elite mindset. Just a great comparison and stuff to think about

mazerswift says:

I am SO HAPPY to see someone giving both old school and new school runescape a try.. most of the time it end's in a pointless toxic rage fest on which is better xD. In my eye's while i personally prefer the newer verson (yes that include's EOC sue me :p.) I do like thing's from the old school game, i remember as i played it in 2006 xD. To me neither is truly better than the other.

Nolan's Channel says:

They ruined Runescape completely

kawika fromhawaii says:

Even old school is still new school and new school is like newer school for me.

Zach Martin says:

runescape, what a quality experience. life affirming. thank you.

Patrick McKeen says:

What were the policies on Nazi propaganda again

Redwood Butcher says:

Shit, I remember having to string yew long bows by taking 14 strings and 14 yew bow shafts out and clicking them each, deposit, take 14 more strings and 14 for bow shafts, and repeat. Made a decent amount of gold back then.

Primal says:

It is pretty lame you just magically always have a pickaxe and an axe etc. It takes away a lot of immersion for a tiny bit of convince… Sure a noob can't guess what's in the game that they would need to fish or whatever but that's why you get the tooltip saying "you need an axe to cut trees" when you try to cut a tree..

Frack says:

As a player from the days of RS Classic I prefer Old School. As you mentioned I think the gameplay is a mix of nostalgia, the sense of accomplishment, as well as the ability to do afk content while just watching netflix or listening to a podcast with a beer in hand. However I really like the updated visuals of RS3. Some of it is a bit too Pixar / World of Warcraft for me. All in all though the visuals are a nice update while keeping the original layout of the game in tact. I love the new water effects, updated textures, etc. I enjoy the nostalgia of osrs's visuals, but I would much prefer osrs gameplay with the updated visuals.

ThenWeGrief says:

looks like world of warcraft

Gwasshopper says:

Explore and adventure without worrying about grinding skills?
Lmao you summer child…

Thommy Jonasson says:

This video got me thinking… Glad I like thinking! 😀

I only just tried old-school Runescape back in the days, since back then I played Tibia due to more popular in Sweden. But I agree… The new, whether it's Runescape or any other game, just lacks that sense of accomplishment. Grinding or training a skill for days by a target dummy or whatever just to reach that next skill was worth it. It felt great achieving it. It gave respect among friends and enemies. Rare items were actually rare. Hard monsters were extremely hard. Now it's all just very… meh.

BrainTako says:

To be fair, you can get to level 40 on all your combat skills within like 2 hours of efficient questing in OSRS, you just need to follow a massive guide, which most poeple wouldn't bother or think to do. Everything slows down the further you get in OSRS though, since there's no microtransactions.Which is pretty much the reason 90% of people play Old School, MSX ruins any sense of pride from maxing.

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