Runescape Classic Ironman Episode 8 | Dragon Slayer

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#8 in the series of runescape classic ironman. In this episode I do dragon slayer as well as some other cool stuff. I get a pet cat too. Awesome. This is the longest episode I’ve done to date. This is because I wanted to give you guys something to watch over the Thanksgiving break as I will not be uploading for the rest of the week due to Thanksgiving. Thank you guys for all of your support and for watching this video.


Golden!Scape says:

Next episode out next week due to Thanksgiving coming up! I hope you guys enjoyed, sorry for the rambling at some points! Thanks for the support and for watching.

Kenneth Morris says:

Imagine if classic never went dead lol how would items like whips dark bows etc would look like

Based Goy SoSS says:

back in 2005 when i was like 8 or 9 I ran into the dragon battle without the anti dragon shield like a dumb ass, lost everything and cried. But this was back in the day when the internet and gamers still had a heart and someone saw me die and gave me my stuff back. I'll never forget that day.

Kyle Kyosium says:

Anyway for me to get access to classic?

MrKalius says:

"Did you guys enjoy my copyright free rock music? It got me pretty pumped up." LOL. xD Love this series so far.

Jerzy Leal says:

Non copyrighted music lit

togglr says:

You got so worked up about the butler hahaha! Thanks for this series, great to see some classic gameplay!

GamerEX says:

Underground pass on rsc was a blast in my opinion. But I can see why people hated it.

JP Durand says:

5:15 just noticed a typo in the dialogue option, it says "Crondor"

WyvernGamer says:

Rip Lil Peep :,(

Alex Tutino says:

I LOVE this series. So interesting and your commentary is relaxing af. Keep it up man I wish this game had a more active playerbase.

Danko says:

Yo holy shit, im so glad i came across this channel. Great content! peaceful mf too lmfao, keep up the great work man I appreciate the uploads, subbed big time

nubserver says:

the dragon looks badass as fuck

Hopperstwin says:

Nice episode

Jacob Williams says:

I haven't watched it yet, but i saw 23 minutes and i jizzed in my pants.

Question everything says:

Love the intro looool

syrenet says:

oh yeah, in classic dragons dont have long range attack 😀 i completely forgot that.

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