RuneScape HD Gameplay (2011)

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RuneScape in real HD quality with maxed out settings. This gameplay video shows some of the things that you can do in f2p worlds.


ruan says:

I miss these graphics :/

David Mackay says:

The good old days <3333

Bigjaws says:

I miss this so much ;( Nostalgia af

Dark1 says:

Please, don't ever delete this video.

biggyBeatLoL says:

Im on the process of remaking RuneScape 2011 🙂

Dimitree says:

So much Nostalgia! 🙂

Rodry en el Corazon de Lucas Piriz says:

Golden era or RuneScape at its best, this game used to be so fun, full in Minigames,Pvp,Grand Exchange, World 2 and World 1 used to be full to the top,
now a days we see a dead game, Dead worlds, Dead Minigames, Dead pvp…
if only they could bring this back, it would be awesome

BigHunTraps says:

love ithaha

Raulwayk Leitão says:

sdds desse runescape pena que estragaram tudo T.T

Turboed Leo says:

Nostalgia <3

EpicTUBE says:

runescape rocks its browse based with kinda cool graphics…..Actually mint graphics im speaking from 2012 u ass holes its had a graphics as wel as armour look change update 😀 its cool XD

BenjaminColer says:

Yet again I stress my previous comment.

Daimon Shaw says:

No offense for you or anyone who likes this game…but I won't be paying for a game with sucky graphics like these, sorry.

BenjaminColer says:

@klavier285 Don't judge what you haven't tried (: If you P2p its epic.

TheSkullranger says:

/watch?v=LOLt3A5WHoE heres the newer runescape graphics

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