Runescape Old School Servers – Early access gameplay

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A little gameplay from Old School Servers early access from Friday. I didn’t even edit it just made it to show you how is it like.

Still remember to vote for OSR servers here if you want them with no extra cost:

Play OSR here:


princessthyemis says:


ClashOfClansBuilder 07 says:

I miss this so much. Forgot my password and email i used:( i was such a high level to

Fiddcs donk says:


Jonathan Van den Meutter says:

player spam! :p

Sneaky Scaper says:

I love runescape , but I feel that they are kind of taking it too far. It seems as if jagex read my mind when they introduced Old School RS!!! Im so excited to get back to playing RS. Nonstalagia is here!

TheGrshpR says:

There's always that one retard crying over ''WTF WHERE'S THE GE''

xMcDizZy says:

And, if u have to member do you need to buy it for once? Or just continually?

xMcDizZy says:

And 750k must be before friday night 00:00??

MrKolapop says:

500k votes and it will cost no additional fee to members. Still no F2P until 750k

xMcDizZy says:

But if we reach 500k subs its free right?

MrKolapop says:

Yes unfortunately 🙁

xMcDizZy says:

You need to be member for it? 🙁

tarnoob1 says:

i, i think i shed a tear or two when i heard the music..

OSRS Diary says:

yes it is back, I wish they made the old forums though,

SerpentDogBone says:

Memories 🙂 I used to max out all the skills u could do it tutorial island. So fun

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