Ryzu & Unison – Visions | Ninety9Lives release

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I see visions of the next album… I see red. Hmm wonder what that could mean. Thanks for closing out the album so strong Ryzu & Unison! See all you guys in my next life.

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NeonSpeedBump says:

forget PokemonGo, gotta catch em all, Ninety9lives' albums

TehSlaya says:

Album 92 Goya catch em all

TehSlaya says:

Here's a good name for album 92, power up

Dark Night says:

This Beat is dope

BrayDawg17 says:

Inb4 this blows up

Caleb Welsh says:

that bass tho

Joao Amado says:

I have a feeling the next album may be Respawn, since the description says "See all you guys in my next life." . I might be just imagining things, though.

Daniel Murchison says:

Okay, what happened to the album giveways!? Did you decide to just stop doing them?

leong hou says:

Next album is red,hmmmm,pokemon reference????i mean the poke ball has red in it,so could be my guess lol.

Ethan Hartle says:

really like the song

huy chu quang says:

nice i always want a good music from you

AnDraw says:

I didn't like this one tbh

Laputa Official says:

Big fan of your work guys!! Keep up the amazing work and hope to see you on future albums!!

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